To those on UNIPHYLLIN SR and the initial side effects??

Hello, I've just been prescribed uniphyllin 200mg SR twice daily for the first time, as I'd hoped, due to my worsening asthma.

I've informed them that I have decided to stop Xolair after nearly 3 years and no improvement, in fact my chest is much worse. A High resolution CT scan showed some areas of atelectasis which is small areas of collapse and I've been coughing up blood stained phlegm and black phlegm which was a concern. The matron in respiratory medicine said she agreed that I stop xolair and that it never really helped like it should!!

My questions are:

1) Do the initial side effects of nausea and headache wear off as you become used to being on it.

2) My bloods are to be checked in 5 weeks and I'm larger person of 17.5 st and wondered if the dose is increased relevant to your build or bloods.

I can't say enough how I want this to work taking Ventolin 7/8 times daily. I know I posted similar about it but today I've been prescribed it.

Fingers crossed it helps control my symptoms.

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  • Hi,

    I took uniphyllin for years and find that the horrendous side effects wear off in the first week or so. However, during a stay in hospital, I missed several doses and had the side effects again on restarting (although not so bad). The dose needs to be built up gradually and is done in response to the blood tests. I am a larger build and stayed on 200mg bd as my bloods were in the therapeutic range. I hope it works for you.

  • I'm a size 12/14 and I'm on 400mg!! It not really size but how your body responses.

    200mg no side effects for me,

    300mg horrific side effects for a week (blood checked - not enough)

    400mg slight side effects for two weeks

    It was only at 400 that I saw impact on chest too!! Hope it works!! Xxx

  • I still get side effects from the uniphyllin especially on my 600mg night dose but I take ondansetron to stop the nausea. I'm not in the toxic zone just some people are more sensitive than others to it so the consultant tells me. It's necessary for my breathing though so I try to struggle through with it. Yesterday and today were bad days because I'm under the weather and that can affect how you feel on it too.

    As for dose, I started on 200mg twice daily. I'm aiming for 600mg twice daily but more often take 400mg morning and 600mg night due to the side effects. It's gone up with every admission I've had to 300 then 400 then where I am now but I think 600 is the cap for me?

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