Been to rbh today if they had a bed I would b staying in butbsaid to gonmy local if need help and if bed comes up there and i'm bad I can go up there but trying to stay at home for Xmas steriods upto 60mg today 10 more got tobstay on them over the new year back rbh for 10 day for the hydrocortisone iv in February yet again nothing more they can do for me but rest met lovely lady up there from here was good to out a face to someone I speak to take care and stay safe everyone hapoy Xmas

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  • Get well ,take it easy don't rush yourself. I did put me back about couple of weeks.xx

  • Hope you are able to rest Tracye,

    Merry Christmas and I pray you get to spend it at home 😘

  • I hope you can manage Christmas at home. I truly hope that you can start to feel better with all this medication soon.

  • Thanks guys ur all so kind on here a privilege to meet so many nice caring people

  • Bless you! You are such a strong and positive person and you deserve to have a wonderful Christmas. Let everybody wait on you hand and foot and enjoy it ❤️💕💔

  • I hope your lungs behave themselves over Christmas.

    Enjoy your Christmas

  • Sending get well hugs xx

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