5 year old recovering from attack

Hey ,. My son was at hospital early hours of Sunday due to attack ,, he was diagnosed with asthma nearly 2 years ago .. this has been his first attack since then ,,. We got home after 9. Hours there andvhot action plan ,, had to take him back to docs today as he was wheezy and breathing fast .. to continue with blue inhaler every 4 hours and got more steroids tablets !! Today he has been eating loads and playing and talking fine all day , no wheezing just bad cough (he has a cold too) but his breathing still fast ,, I'm terrified to leave him through night in case he stops breathing in his sleep ,, I'm so anxious and can't sleep !! All day he kept saying he's fine and felt fine !! Doc said his glands very swollen too so has infection ! But not sure if cold making him breath faster or not ,, just not sure ..


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  • Hello. It's an anxious time. Children's breathing can be faster when they're unwell. I suspect also that the regular ventolin is also causing a fast rate. When he's better and you can step him down gradually I suspect this will improve. Concentrate on his other symptoms which seem to be much improved. I used to sleep in same room as my child when they were ill for my reassurance and you could do this. Follow your action plan and perhaps get an asthma review at the surgery soon x

  • Thank you .. xx

  • Hi, sorry to hear that ur little boy had an attack scary enough as an adult, the steroids will be what has him eating loads to be honest I'm exactly the same, they make me crave sugary junk, it could be the cold making him breath faster and if he has an infection, especially chest, that will also have the same effect, all I can say is keep an eye on him, if your worried u can always give the asthma uk nurses a call they r fantastic. I hope he continues to recover and that u both have a fantastic Christmas xx

  • Thank you , yeah the steroids deco make him eat a lot more . Good to see him have an appetite though as I know he feeling better x

  • Sorry to hear your little chap is suffering.

    It's always very anxious as a Mummy when our little one are poorly.

    The frequent inhaler use will speed up his heart rate and the steroids always send my 5 year old into a hyper frenzie!!

    The older the get it does become a little easier as they become more aware of how they feel themselves.

    Continue to follow his action plan but obviously you keep an eye on him..... Are you able to get him to do a peak flow? This is something we are now doing on a regular basis and really helps to keep an eye on things and early decline.

    You will never stop worrying..... It's our job 😉...... If you are worried go back to your Asthma nurse or GP.

    I hope he is soon 100% again x

  • He hasn't got a peak flow meter but will make an appt after new year to see about getting one of these . Thank

  • Thanks everyone, I took him back to the doctors this morning , his chest was clear and said not to worry about his breathing he was doing fine.. put my mind at rest . To stop the steroids now and gradually reduce his inhaler . He's still got a horrible catarrh cough but he's learning to spit it out.. still won't relax till he 100% but we getting there . Thanks for your help and advice , still feel very new to all this and it's so scary seeing your child ill .. hoping to get a better sleep tonight xx

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