Asthma 2.5% of us Eosinophilic ?

Hi Everyone,

I went on holiday Gran Caneria November, 3 days in started coughing ended up A&E Bloods, Xray ETC Nebuliser Antibiotics holiday ruined still coughing badly day before returning 2nd visit Bloods Xray Etc same again. Monday back home waited to see if antibiotics worked then Thursday visited GP advised to go strait to A&E A&E absolutely busy busy moved to chest department after bloods and Xray etc sent home with more antibiotics and the promise of a CT scan within 14 Days.

Sunday having had little sleep for 3 weeks as when laying down felt like I was drowning peak flow normal 540 was below 120 back to A&E 6 Days in Hospital at last an answer Asthma with Eosinophilic inflammation Treatment not Antibiotics but Steroids 40 mg per day 11 days then reducing to 35 mg for 1 week and so on until down to 5 mg 6 weeks later. had the CT scan as it was booked waiting for results

Good news I can breath and have a visit to the asthma clinic booked I am doing as I am told feel slightly weaker as lost a stone in weight but boy am I eating now on the steroids. I am back in the office now onwards and upwards as they say.

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  • Oh dear what an ordeal!! I am glad they sorted it out!! Take care and have a lovely Christmas.

  • Thank you I am feeling really good now and a lot more confident now I know what happened and that steroids not antibiotics appear to be the answer.

    I hope every one with asthma has a good Christmas and can breath easy.

  • That's great. A Merry Christmas to you too.🎄

  • I have the same and am on Kenalog injections which helps keep it down

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