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Symbicort v DuoResp

Hi, I've recently been swapped from Symbicort to DuoResp and after getting quite ill I was swapped back. I would be interested in others experience. DuoResp states that although the dose content is lower the delivery system delivers a higher amount and therefore is just the same. However I always had powder in my mouth after use, I found the inhaler difficult and uncomfortable with sharp edges. The cost difference is £40 to £32 which is significant on 2 per month but I finished up with a paramedic visit and a bucket load of drugs after my only ever serious exacerbation. Lots of health bodies are advising the swap on cost and I would like to challenges their claim if others have had the same experience.

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Hi my surgery changed me over to duoresp from symbicort because of the cost. However it wasn't doing the job and I just felt too breathless with it. I rang the doctor and he changed me back without argument.

I was told there are exactly the same ingredients in both inhalers. That is true but the expedient is different ie the way it is delivered. Also the particles are finer than in symbicort. I don't know if that's why I had problems with it too?

Some people I have heard are fine on it so everyone should give it a go and see. It's always good to save the NHS some money if we can. x


I absolutely agree. After 30 odd years in the NHS any saving is positive. However the cost of my care over the last 6 weeks has gone up with the ambulance call out and drugs. My concern is that most claims by drugs companies are based on research they have commissioned and paid for. If those claims are not living up to their promises the cost to the NHS will be greater and it could endanger patients. I have now tracked back through other comments on the site and found lots of similar issues in the last 2 years. I know most pharmacy advisors in the NHS are open to questioning claims so I thought I might try it.


I agree totally. I'm not on this particular inhaler but have only been prescribed 1 per prescription. I had to wait 2 days for my prescription to reach the pharmacy (even after a review visit to gp that evening!) and typically my Fostair ran out after 1 puff of evening dose . I had to go back to pharmacy before work the next day and then the gp because they hadn't signed prescription yet! Eventually received only 1 inhaler again!!! I feel very angry . We are told not to stop medication but we don't have any emergency back up in case of inhaler failure or if you can't get a prescription when you need one . Sorry to rant but these seem to be the times we live in!

It needs sorting out... and quick !


I was given this a few months ago. Did use it but when I got my next lot of meds I told the chemist and they gave me symbo and I have so far not had the other sort. I found it made my cough worse was gritty and did not control my asthma. Also onc opened they only last a short time. As. I'm on the SMART thats not much help with having spares in a coat or other bag 😞


Yes I had a sinkiliar issue. The duoresp made me quite ill so went back to the simbicort


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