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Asthma attack 😔

I have ended up in A&E twice this week. Once on Monday when I walked in as the Ventolin was not lasting the 4 hours that it should. The doctor then gave me a course of steroids for 4 days.

However, I also ended up back in A&E on Tuesday, this time by ambulance. They gave me a nebuliser and oxygen on route to A&E. They took my bloods and didn't a chest X-ray which both came back clear. Although, they did give me antibiotics just in case.

However, my chest still doesn't feel 100% and as my oxygen levels are fine my GP doesn't want to prescribe more steroids. Has anyone else had this?

I'm lost as to what to do next as I already have a consultant at the hospital which I was taken to and my GP can't prescribe any other medication as I'm already on everything. I currently take Sirdupla 250 2 puffs twice a day, montelukast and loratadine.

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I get like this. My peak flow and oxygen are good but I can't breath. Every time I move, I cough. The last time I ended up in hospital (Sept), the consultant said it was due to anxiety and had a physio therapist come round to show me how to "breath". I cried alone in the family room on the ward that night. Once home, I went back to my GP and he said that he didn't agree with the consultant at the hospital and has since put me on a daily maintenance steroid tablet as well as all my inhalers and other tablets. It seems to be working. Will see if I can get through the winter


It's a pain as I have it the other way round. My consultant listens to me but my GP has said that I don't need any more steroids as my oxygen levels are fine. My peak flow has dropped quite a bit but he didn't seem interested in that. I don't see Munday consultant until February.

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My personal consultant is supportive. She was the one who got upset with my GP 4 years ago and told him to start treating my asthma seriously. Since then, my GP is really good. The consultant I saw in September was unknown to me. I went to a different hospital because at the A&E at our local hospital, thge last few times I had bad experiences of being sent away. The nbew hospital gave a great A&E experience but the consultant was terrible. I hope I don't need A&E for awhile because I don't know where to go. 😛


Can you ring your local respiratory nursing team? Ours we can ring and they speak to the consultant for you and arrange urgent appointments with them or talk to the GP for you if you are known to them. They might be able to help if your area offers that service?

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