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Hi all :)

Decided to sign up to this as I need a place to chat with people, vent and get tips.

I had asthma fairly mildly as a child which seemed to completely go away past the odd reaction to chemicals in chemistry lessons as a teen.

Flash forward to this time last year and it's completely flared up out of nowhere. I've just come out of hospital for the 7th time this year (no ITU though thank goodness) and have been on who knows how many courses of prednisolone.

They seem to have very little idea on what's caused this apart from allergies and so learning to manage it has been a real struggle!

Has anyone got any good tips on anticipating attacks etc? I'm not great at knowing when to step up treatment yet.

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Hi Js706, welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having. It is known that allergies can change for no apparent reason at all, and that can cause problems. But can I just ask, were there any changes to your circumstances: change of address, change of decor, change of job etc, that might have contributed to it?


Hi :)

I moved into a different rented house last year which we thought was the main problem (and it probably does contribute to be fair) but I had an admission whilst on university placement and was staying in a different town for 6 weeks when that happened.

The only thing I have is the same thing happened to my mum's asthma when she was my age (21) and doesn't know why either!


Have you thought of having allergy testing done to find out what your allergic to? My asthma is mainly allergy induced, I have had the tests done and I'm very allergic to most things I am now on loratadine every day and I also have xolair injections monthly, you have to be in a specific band to get these but it may be worth discussing with your hospital consultant or asthma nurse if you have one. Take care of yourself.


I had some done a couple of weeks ago - pollen, pollen and all things pollen basically!

I've only had one appointment so far with a consultant, but he did say his focus was going to be on getting allergies under control. Thanks for some ideas to discuss at my next appointment in a couple of weeks!


If you don't already take antihistamines get some ... you can buy loratadine at the pharmacy


Yeah I already get fairly dosed up on a cocktail of antihistamines!


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