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Rescue Prednisolone course

Hi all,

My GP gave me a rescue course of prednisolone to take on holiday with me to Poland last week. I didn't want to have to take them, but reluctantly admitted that I needed them on Friday.

I've tried phoning my GP to let them know that I've started taking them (I'm on day 3) now that I'm back home, but the receptionist has told me my GP is not available this week and that I didn't need to make an appointment unless they weren't helping, or I wasn't feeling better. I was also told that I could ask for a repeat prescription for them without seeing my GP if I needed more. It all seems pretty strange to me, and I wouldn't like to order more without speaking to my GP about it -I don't want to take more if I don't really need them.

Everything I've seen on asthma.org.uk and on the online action plans say to see a GP within 24hrs of starting rescue steroids, but I couldn't as I was out of the country, and now my surgery doesn't seem to think I need to see anyone! I'm so confused!

Any help/reassurance would be fantastic.

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Not the gold standard of care we expect from nhs. Ring asthma u UK helpline now get advice then doctors aimed with advice don't back down you need to be see asap


Thanks! I rang the helpline before ainleft work and they said I needed to see a dr. They also want me to query my fostair dose as it's quite high and that my rescue prednisolone dose seems quite low. I popped into the GP on my way home from work, told them I'd spoken to the asthma uk helpline and the earliest they can get me in is Saturday morning, the day after I finish my tablets! Oh well, at least I have an appointment.


I am glad you got somewhere with your docs, Asthma helpline advise always helps me feel brave, confident and armed with good quality information

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I have rescue Prednisolone and a written plan. I usually get in to see GP the day I need to start them or the next day. However one exacerbation when I improved really quickly and it was over a weekend I just wrote the GP a letter and this was scanned into my records!


Do you have an asthma nurse at your surgery? Maybe you could just book a phone consultation with them if you can't get to see anyone ... just for advise, I also always have a rescue dose in and I don't always tell my GP I've taken them till I see them next. I have however had asthma for a long time and have always self managed it a lot. Just make sure when you hit day five you really do feel a lot better as you may need to do a reducing course if your not 100%, don't Delay if you need more ... feel better soon


I usually call and talk over phone with my g.p. when I start my rescue pred. But on occasions I have just left a message and they add it to my notes. However I self manage most of the time, I've got severe asthma and had it a long time - and I have an emergency hotline number at the hospital if necessary so slightly different.

Hope you feel better soon. If you don't start to feel better as you get to end of week - get an emergency appointment and don't wait for the one you have already. Take care


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