New sofa advice?

Hello everyone! I'm asthmatic, allergic to dust mite and chucking away my old upholstered dust mite ridden sofa. I want to buy a new one which is going to be resistant to dust mite, anyone got any ideas of what's best? I've been having a look and leather is mentioned as possibly good, and maybe microfibre, has anyone any experience of these, good or bad? What about the materials they are filled with? I was also reading something about allergic reactions to new sofas, which I would also like to avoid. Really interested in anyone's thoughts, experiences or ideas, thank you in advance. :)

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  • Hi I have very brittle asthma and i always get leather because it easier to keep clean and dust free. I've had quite a few and never had a problem with them. Best wishes xx

  • Thanks e2dye for sharing this :)

  • I too have always gone with leather.

  • Thanks PANDAPOP185 :)

  • I think the filling is important, using a sofa makes it act a bit like a bellows, and even leather ones have regular fabric at the bottom. hollow-fibre and some types of foam are hypoallergenic. Leather, especially if dark, is easy to see the dust on and I had one that I cleaned with a microfiber cloth. I never really looked after the sofa though- you're supposed to use leather polishes and stuff, so I don't know if the polishes are bad for sensitivities.

  • Thanks O-T- yes I can see your point, think more research on fillings is on the cards for me! Thanks so much for replying. :)

  • Did you know about ecosofas? A bit on the expensive side I found in MCS magazine multiple chemical sensitivity, look at I have for a while now have considered the link of MCS and asthma I am hypersensitive to a lot of things.

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