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Since September I've had one cold after another....Each time I've had a bad chest/cough. The last cold turned to bronchitis. I feel as tho I've more or less recovered from that but struggling now with coughing at night and mainly at work and then entering cold air, walking fast etc.

I think I have allergies at work hence the coughing at work, but things haven't been this bad for a while with night and early morning coughing.

I'm quite worried that the inflammation is getting worse and I'm getting more symptomatic. The GPs and asthma nurse are always so reluctant to prescribe steroids when I'm unwell.

I'm currently on fostair, ventolin and montekulast.

Does anyone have any advice....I'm gonna see the asthma nurse today regarding the night time coughing and increase in symptoms



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  • I was similar to you & the doctor prescribed a nasal spray which did the trick for me. I also got my sense of smell back which I hadn't realised I'd lost!

  • Loss of smell could be nasal polyps (or letters similar)

  • would love to know the name of the nasal spray as i so often seem to loose my sense of smell and taste

  • It was the cheap equivalent of Nasonex. I was put on Avamys last year but it was useless for me.

  • I seem to be waking up coughing, and when I go from outside to inside the same, I use my blue inhaler and the problem subsides.

  • My main advice is to be persistent. I had similar symptoms and it turned out to be Bronchiectasis. Maybe you need a sputum test to try and identify more precisely what treatment might work. I find a daily anti histamine helps to reduce the coughing but that's not a medical opinion - just something I tried when I was getting desperate! Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  • Montelukast tablet helped my coughing at night. Now i get a good nights sleep.

  • Fostair helped my night time /early morning coughing. It's gradually improved but have also been using saline nasal washes which have helped (sterimar) and keep the bedroom a constant temperature . Hope this helps .

  • see my posts on proteolytic enzymes & probiotics

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