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Hello everybody

I had a follow-up appointment yesterday. They suggested I take Azithromycin 250mg for my asthma 3 times a week as prevention. I said no nicely. I am so tired as it is and I have so many side effects that I don't want to. Well I said I would think about it^^.

Did anybody have such a treatment? If so did it help?

Thanks everybody, hope you are keeping well.xx

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  • Hi there,

    I take Azithromycin 250 3 times a week. The reason it was prescribed for me is to combat infection/ fungal spores deep in lungs. I also was a bit wary of taking it, but was encouraged to try for at least 3 months. I am now at 2.5 months, I have not noticed a real improvement in asthma however, I have not been really sick, which can often happen at this time of year. However consultant thinks I still have inflammation as am still wheezing, although peak flow is okay. I have agreed to take it for a bit longer and agreed that we would review it in January. I have not had any side effects. But, I really try to eat a lot of natural yogurt, and other things to protect my gut Biome

    I have taken Azithromycin at higher doses for long periods in the past, when I had a chronic sinus infection. It was at that time like a miracle drug.

    The research that has been done by Asthma UK doctors, show that Azithromycin can play a part in reducing inflammation particularly in deep lung tissue.

    Just so you know, part of the reason I agreed to take it was because I am so desperate to reduce my steroid load, and am willing to try anything that might allow me to gradually cut the other drugs.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you very much for the information.

  • It is very useful thanks, I will talk to the respiratory consultant again and see. Take care xx

  • Risabel one more question what was the problem with taking steroids if I may ask?

  • Because I take Seretide 500 twice a day, + a steroid add on of Ciclesonide (another ics) 160 from 6 to max of 12 puffs per day. (which is far outside the stated dose of 2 puffs). Then I use steroid tablets for flare-ups.

    There are long-term side effects, at this level particularly for bones. Thinning skin. I get terrible bruises, in fact so bad that people ask if my husband has hit me!!! (which he hasn't, he's very lovely). They can also give you Glaucoma, and affect your eyesight and your adrenal system.

    However you can't knock them when you know they've saved your life.

    I have tried with my consultant to find all sorts of ways to cut the steroid usage. In addition to above, I also use a steroid nasal inhaler, Singulair, & Fexofenadine, (antihistamine). Every time everyone thinks I'm stable enough to cut dosages of steroids, it works for a while and then I get a bad flare up and will be ill for months.

    I have used inhaled steroids for the past 35 years, almost since they first became available. But since I was pregnant with my daughter (19 years ago) my asthma has got much more unpredictable and more serious.

    At the moment classified with moderate to severe high functioning but Brittle Asthma. (Between a Stage 4 & 5.) I can crash from being well i.e. completing a half marathon to being very unwell quickly, i.e. not being able to walk upstairs.

    Both the Junior Drug dealer (my gp) and the Senior Drug Dealer (my consultant) seem very unhappy about the amount of steroids I am using but still having wheezing and night coughing. So I am now going through a series of different drugs and tests over a number of months to see if they can make a difference. Including the Azithromycin.

    I personally want to cut my drug use, as We (Hubby & I) are planning a long distance sailing trip in 2019, and I don't want to have to worry about taking so many drugs. ( other drug dealers around the world are not so easy to deal with,) + if you were to buy the drugs I currently take at full price they cost more than 3000 GBP a year. (A Seretide 500 inhaler in the USA costs 270 dollars). I am also trying to get my Asthma Phenotyped to see if any of the new drugs coming through will suit me. If I think they will, I will try and sign up for a trial.

  • Thank you Risabel, I understand thank you, yes I get the ecchymoses too. Steroids are great but when I stop I have arthalgia, quite painful.

    Very costly in France you know my Seretide 250 used to cost 55€, now I am living in Switzerland, there is no NHS so I am covered by private insurance which is compulsory by law but I get all meds 90% reimbursed and the care is good. The specialist for this rare pulmonary disease is in France so I will go in January at the Lyons hospital. We'll see.

    Thank you very much for your answer. Take care Risabel xx

  • I'm currently taking Azithtomycin 500mg a day to be reduced to 250mg next week as an attempt to reduce a bad exacerbation that had me in hospital again. No side effects from it (just from the other things I take) but honestly anything that could lower my pred intake would be a bonus for me.

    It's early days but I'll let you know if it's successful for me! Consultant said that a few studies have shown it beneficial and some not so much but we're at the point that anything is worth a try.

  • Thank you very much. I supposed they want me to lower my pred intake too.

  • I hope you are keeping well, take care xx

  • Ariana could I also ask you what was the problem in taking steroids if I may?

  • I've been on 50mg of pred daily for the last 6 months now and every time I try and taper even 5mg off I end up back in hospital. Obviously long term steroid tablet use concerns me with side effects etc. My consultant would like to get to a maintenance dose of 30mg pred a day which I still think is higher than I'd like.

    Also taking relvar inhaler and spiriva as well as 600mg uniphylline twice daily trying to stop these uncontrolled dips but honestly not much seems to be working as I've had 6 admissions in 6 months.

  • Oh Dear thank you so much Ariana. I hope you'll find relief.

    I have a lung degenerative disease. A cystic condition on top of my asthma. When I stop the steroids I am in pain so I'll see what the consultant comes up with next :)))

  • Hello

    Can you please advise if this drug is an Antibiotic? Do you have Allergic type Asthma? I'm just wondering if this is something that I should ask my Dr about? As I am steroid resistant.


    Frustrated Asthmatic

  • It is an antibiotic yes used in severe bronchial asthma as far as I am concerned I don't know about allergic asthma.

  • My asthma is severe allergic brittle asthma if that helps :)

  • There have been cases of people whose asthma heals with Azithromycin which is an antibiotic with anti inflammatory capacity. But this cannot be generalized. If you are interested there is a doctor who recommends Azithromycin here

  • thank you Dinale :))

  • I've been on them for 5 years now and it has reduced my infections greatly

  • Ah great, thank you Penny. 250mg 3 times a week and no side effects?

  • Mine are 500 mgs 3 times a week I haven't found any side effects

  • Thank you very much for your answer Penny. Take care xx

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