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What a night people snoring and cracks making noise all night had neb before bed and got all settled and had a boot a hour canulas won't stay in the one I got in hurting and body hurting all over due to the hydrocortisone treatment so tired and I bet they want me to go to the gym this morning going to wear me right out. Hope everyone doing ok take care and stay safe x

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Hi Tracey1972 I glad to hear you are settle in. Hospital are noisy and busy places that's so true. I only been in hospital once for a week myself. I hope and pray your treatment gets you better.


Oh dear what a night you had.

Take care


Yea but been good and been to gym that was good and had shower now relaxing hope u ok x


Oh dear how many people on your ward? that's what's good abroad they have done away with wards years ago..I remember when I had my daughter in England I was in a ward with 15 women crying and I thought what are they crying about^^ here you don't have more than 2 in a room. I was pleased.

I am glad the gym was good. I have to do hospital gym twice a week too. I do feel relaxed afterwards also. It gets the blood circulation going.

One of the doctor I had at the Lausanne hospital on Thursday was training at the RBH the last two years. I hope she has learned a lot^^

Take care Tracey xx


So pleased you found your gym session helpful.

Take care Tracey


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