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Allergy to Dogs

I've got atopic asthma and im allergic to dogs. (My partner has two) and it triggers my tight chest and horrid cough every now and then but its not just that i also get swollen eyes.

Im newly diognosed so new to this and my partners house isnt the tidiest and obviously this doesnt help my symptoms when the dog hair gets too much.

Does anybody else get this and have any advice?

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Hi your bf needs to take this seriously and take action to help. First he has to vacuum a lot more and be tidier to cut down on the pet hair. It is usually the animal dander which people are allergic to and you can buy stuff from the vets to spray on the pet to stop most of this.

If nothing works or if your bf won't do anything then I would have to question his commitment to you. x


Thanks. Genernally his house is untidy but my bf does try to keep on top of his room although i get "im too busy" alot, which granted he is but my friend a single mum working 46hrs managers to keep her house spotless so no excuses ha his siblings and parents dont help either, we need our own place.

Ive got anti allergy spray that you do the room with once a werk from allergy uk.

Thanks for the advice


Antihistamine eye drops can help with the eyes - talk to your GP about this.

I'm afraid it's a fact of the asthmatic's life that keeping a house tidy and regularly hoovered and dusted (and by that I mean every week) is a good idea. Even better, go for hard flooring if you can: it's so much easier to keep dust (and dog dander) free.

If you are struggling with your asthma you need to go back to your GP and discuss all this with him/her. It's possible that a change of medication may be required.

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Get the dogs waxed and rub them with Vaseline and NEEM oil. (maybe)


Wax the dogs? Two large labradors, somehow i dont think my partner will let that be an option ha

I think ive discovered another trigger, our bedding has been on the maden for 3 days now in the front room, drying but the dogs have been rubbing against it - i discovered this to my disgust last night!! That'll be contaninated now and i think the first comment is right. My allergy has to be taken seriously!! Very seriously!


I am very sensitive to fur, especially to dogs. Because my husband and family love me, none of them have dogs. You need to think about your relationship very hard if you are less important than a dog.


Hes had dogs all his life. Ive only recently found out am allergic. We have some serious convos to have. Im.okay when we keep on top of things and dont baby sit any extra dogs. Its so depressing.


Don't make excuses for him; would you do something to make him ill? If he loves you, he'll get rid of the dogs. If he doesn't, someone else will love you more. Stay strong.


Thats very true. I was okay when they kept the house tidy so its simple. Dogs go house stays a mess, house stays tidy and dogs stay or i go! Id hate to make someone choose but there are ways around it that have to be followed strictly or yes i wilk be forced to leave. Thank you for the advice and ear!


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