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Recovery from pneumonia

Hello, 6 weeks ago I was admitted to hospital for meningococcal pneumonia. They discharged me after 3 and a bit days and I've been recoving at home since then. This is the 3rd time I've had pneumonia in 12 months.

Each time the pneumonia has developed following flu on one occasion and colds/virus on the others and affected alternate sides of my lungs each time. The follow up x-rays for the 1st two pneumonia occurances came back clear and I'm due an x-ray next week.

I have asthma which is fairly well managed and the 1st two pneumonia occurances affected my asthma too. This time my asthma was not a problem (which is a relief!).

As you'd probably expect, each time the pneumonia has knocked me for 6 and taken time to recover and feel back to normal and I have put extra effort into looking after myself and boosting my health as much as possible. This 3rd time it seems to be MUCH harder to recover - my breathing is good (thank goodness) but my energy and ability to physically do things is very very low. I can do things around the house (with regular rests) but whenever I try to leave the house (even for a 5-10 minute walk), I end up dizzy and shuffling instead of walking and it takes me a few days to recover. I sleep as much as I can, last night I got 9 hours sleep but woke feeling like I'd hardly slept and still felt weak and still shuffling instead of walking.

This is what I am finding the hardest - does anyone have any tips for boosting my strength/energy levels please? I know things could be much worse and that others have much worse health issues but if anyone has any experiences to share it would be fantastic, as it feels so frustrating and is really getting me down.

Thank you in advance.

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Oh Dear Louise you have had a tough time..Sorry to hear that..

Boosting your energy levels and immune system: I used reiki

and moxa, it is a type of acupuncture on pressure points, well I went to a physiotherapist which used it on me. Im going to have another session because I feel winter doesn't agree with me.

But you are better off asking your GP for conventional medicine if you don't like alternative medicine.

Take care xx


Thanks for your reply Happylondon, that sounds interesting and I have no issues with alternative medicine, I'm going to see if I can find someone locally. Hope it helps you get through winter too and thanks again for the tips.


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yes it really made a difference I was so low as well, I have this cystic lung condition and it helped. Good luck then xx

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Thanks, I really like the sound of it. You too, best of luck. xx

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thank you xx


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