Still not right

I had pneumonia at the start of September which took 7 weeks or so, numerous antibiotics & prednisolone to get rid of. Had a chest infection in the august too.

I had a repeat chest xray done the other week and when I rang for the results they said 'no action required, xray confirms asthma'

I am trying to see the gp but appointments are impossible! I have not fully recovered, symptoms every day, intermittent wheezing (never had this before) get short of breath when talking for a while, easily out of breath with exercise and peak flow less than 80% at best .

I saw a gp a week or two back for something different but mentioned this and he just said to wait to the repeat chest xray results.

How would a chest xray show asthma, and should I be concerned that I am still symptomatic asthma wise or is it just a case of being patient to recover?

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  • I would do your best to get back to the GP. If you can't get an appointment, could you ask if there is an asthma nurse at the surgery? If not, and you do get into the GP, ask if you could be referred to see an asthma nurse. You need someone to help manage your asthma symptoms.

    Also, I would recommend ringing the Asthma UK helpline tomorrow. The nurses there are really good at offering advice.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thank you for your reply. We do have an asthma nurse but appointments with her are even more elusive!! (Really need to change gp but all 4 in the town have closed their lists! Large ratio of elderly population 😣)

    I will try again to ring for 'book on the day' appointment this week!! Failing that will ring the nurses 😊 thank you

  • I agree with emmasue you need to see a GP or an asthma nurse. You have every right to be seen as soon as possible. If you are one of those people who doesn't like to bother people DON'T I use to be like this and now I realize that I can't do this. Asthma needs careful management and we are very blessed to have the NHS and asthma UK helpline.

    When I was really bad last December talking to the asthma nurse's on the helpline gave me the courage to go to my doctors and tell them I need to be seen. Now I not saying that you have to be rude but you have to be firm. Use them as your reason to be seen. I know Doctors and asthma nurses in my surgery respect asthma UK and their advise.

    At my surgery you can get a duty doctor to call you. I done this even when I couldn't get an appointment on the day. Last month after an asthma attack when I was worried about myself (this was a Friday) I couldn't get an appointment I ask for the duty doctor to call me. He did and he made me an appointment with a nurse practitioner (she had been a respiratory nurse) so knew her stuff.

    Hope this is helpful and gives you the courage to go back to your doctors.

    I hope and pray you get the help you need.

  • Yes I'm definately one of those who doesn't like to cause a fuss 😔 I know I should be more assertive. If I was really struggling I'd be more likely to tell them I HAVE to be seen.

    Good point about speaking to the nurses beforehand anyway, as you say I can note down what they say so I have more than just my own non medically trained opinion.

    Thank you

  • I am glad I could help you. I hope and pray that you have the confidence to get what you need to manage your asthma and stay well.

  • Hi Butterfly I would ask for referral to the respiratory specialist so you could get a CT scan, xray only show so much..

    and if you still feel breathless go back to the GP anyway or to the walk-in clinic if the GP doesn't listen.

    Take care xx

  • The gp actually requested a CT scan but whoever checks the referrals at the hospital decided I only needed an xray. Gp wanted ct to see why I kept getting infections.

    I'm going to hopefully get an appt tomorrow but good idea re walk in centre if not.

  • that's terrible..honestly to go over what the GP said. I would kick up a fuss.^^

  • Saw a lovely locum who has increased my seretide and told me to come back in a month if not back to normal which is exactly what the lovely AUK nurse said :-)

    Apparently it can take 6 months or so to recover from pneumonia though 😣

  • Yes it makes you tired, lowers your immune system..good luck with the new treatment. Try to rest as much as you can. drink a lot of water or herbal teas to wash the yoghurt to boost up your good bacteria

  • Trying to avoid snotty people and on probiotic supplements after 4 lots of antibiotics! 😁

  • haha..antibiotics are a vicious circle, here in Switzerland they don't give you your rescue antibiotics..

    After 5 weeks of cold and cough, sputum test, xray confirming bronchitis, 2 weeks of prednisone, thyme tea and honey, I had to go to the respiratory specialist and ask for them and he gave me a speech on it's a virus and resistance to antibiotics etc and I said I expect you are right but I have had enough--so I got a pack and within 48 hours I was getting better.

    Unfortunately I had loads of antibiotics in the past which they think is a cause of my low immune system..

  • It's better to be cautious with them, but not at the detriment to your health! It's hard to know I guess

  • Definitely..

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