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5 years diagnosed with late onset asthma and never had a check up till today!!

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Hi everyone.

I changed to a different Practice after 32 years because my GP retired and I had become unhappy with the running of the Practice. In the new Practice, the doctor asked me to book in with a Practice Nurse for an asthma check. I was diagnosed with late-onset asthma 5-6 years ago at the age of 60 and have never had an asthma check until today!!

I've had a wonderfully informative session with the Practice nurse and discovered I need to use my turbo haler every day - (I was using it sometimes when I felt I needed it) and she increased my dose today from one puff morning and evening to two puffs till my breathing settles down more.

I didn't use the blue inhaler because I didn't think it worked and the nurse today has given me a new one and an aerochamber .

She also did a peak-flow test.

I've never had the full information I've had today so I'm quite shocked. Thank goodness I changed to a new Practice!

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Hi Chris well it must have been an eye opener, glad you are feeling better with your new treatment!

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Thank you - just increasing my Symbicort to 2 puffs instead of one is already making a difference πŸ‘

Guess I need to keep taking my medication now and at least I feel more supported and monitored now

Good for you, it's pays to be proactive! My respiratory nurse told me Late Onset Asthma is often more serious and more difficult to bring under control than Asthma that started in childhood. Unfortunately in my case that is definitely the case.

Sorry to hear that for you ☹️

I didn't realise until today how serious things could be for me! I always struggle when out walking and having to go up a steep incline and realise now how dodgy it was to go uphill in Scarborough on a walk with my friend in July, with no medication to back me up!!!

Lesson learned but I'm very disappointed with my past Practice! When I told the nurse today that when a different at my old Practice GP had tried to prescribe me beta-blockers for my BP and I had decided not to take them and to see my long-standing GP who said I didn't need beta-blockers, the nurse today said that beta-blockers shouldn't be prescribed for people with asthma!!!

I'm glad I listened to my intuition !!

You're lucky nothing terrible happened to you Chris, the old practice sounds like a complete nightmare!! I've had Lupus and Asthma for 21 years now and over that time I've learned you must educate yourself about your condition, you must ask many questions and fight your corner when necessary. I really hope things keep improving for you. 😊 Bronagh

Thanks Bronagh - the nurse I saw today recommended this site and said I could learn lots, ask questions and find support. She told me that everyone's asthma is unique to them and we have to each learn how to manage our asthma πŸ‘


I am glad you are now being properly looked after. I think prevention is the key to minimising attacks. I have just had my first ever flare up after living with asthma brought on by exercise/exertion for around 5 years. I think a cold set it off. I have been off work for 4 weeks, very scary. They have now changed my inhaler for over the winter and I have had tablet steroids. I get an annual asthma review with the asthma nurse as a minimum. There is a lot of info on the Asthma UK site and the nurses on the helpline have been a great support.

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