Full check up today

How do I always get the trainee nurse for my blood test, she tried once and I said could you please get the older lady over there, I had 8 tubes so I wasn't going to have 8 holes^^

So they are checking on that fatigue and pains I complained about. I saw thyroid, iron, B12 and the rest I didn't know apart from white cells, the marker for cystic lung disease and the free light chains they talked about but I didn't know what it meant. She said if there is an abnormal result I will call you if not I will send the report to your GP.

The respiratory function tests seemed to last forever,I had to blow in that machine in the pressure cabin so many times I was feeling dizzy. All in all I was there for 6 hours.

The consultant came in and said if I felt a strong chest pain and difficulty to breathe it meant a cyst had exploded so I had to go in hospital. He told me all that last year..as well as no diving no flying..and apart from that you can live an ordinary life^^

so that's that for this year..

Talk to you all soon,hope you are well:)))

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  • Wow happylondon is bit of a misnomer!

  • well I do have unhappy hospital days^^

  • Yes my mine grip getting to an appointment early for the questionnaires which are hardly reflective of the six months in between, then having to wait ninety minutes to see the consultant. I don't expect them to remember me between visits but it would be reassuring to see the same one.

    Take care!

  • thanks :)))

  • Wow, they do put you through it! At least you get a break now. I did a daft thing, my lung testing was on Tuesday but I went on Wednesday! So annoyed with myself, back on the waiting list now.. Oh well.. Gx

  • Oh dear..how long is that going to take..keep well. I saw you had your answer for the oxygen bottle so I hope that works for you.

    Yes it was an ordeal and the consultant is such a cold fish..he said to be sure it was lymphangioleiomyomatosis apart from the blood marker they had to go in, drill a hole in my thorax and take a lung biopsy, did I want that procedure like if he was talking to an idiot, I hate that. I said if you can't do anything for me I don't see why I would need to endure such a procedure.

    So another day in paradise..xx

  • Just read that NICE have approved a new drug for severe asthma: Mepolizumab. Are you on it? Bit annoyed to read that GlaxoSmithKlein have reduced the price which obviously helps. But why did they overcharge it in the first place?

    All the best

    K x

  • Hi Katinka, Thank you.

    No I am on regular inhalers, flutiform, atrovent, ventolin..well we'll see what the blood test results promise..

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