im new here

hello to everyone suffer with severe persistant asthma and copd take 800mg of uniphyllin twice a day 20mg of steroids maintenance dose nebs montelukast ventolin and seritide 500 inhalers on disability had to retire now 62 year old male Saturday had terrible lower lung pain so upped steroids to 40mg increased nebs went to a and e who no me well doctors said getting admitted then a con sultant came along and said your going home he said you have viral pleurisy I could hardly talk and said I have been admitted with this befor because it was making my asthma worse went home still suffering any thoughts harry

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  • Sorry you're feeling so unwell. I've had pleurisy recently too its very painful. It seems odd that they would send you home like that, my local hospital is under massive bed pressure too, maybe it's the cuts. Are you feeling any better?

  • thanks for the reply still in pain but breathing a bit better harry

  • I've had pleurisy too and believe you me I'd rather up my pred (am on 20mg maintenance, phyllocontin 900mg twice a day, montelukast, salbutamol, atrovent, fostair and clenil) and take my chances at home. I avoid hospitals with a vengence. Hope you feel better soon

  • thanks for the reply I agree we need hospitals when things get out of hands but I try to sort things out if I can harry

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