Asthma/loss of bladder control?

Last night/early this morning I woke up not being able to breathe having a history of asthma I tried to use my inhaler and nebulizer but nothing was working, It was getting worse. it felt like i was being suffocated and i was about to pass out or die, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital they said my oxygen levels were severely low , so they gave me oxygen and hour long treatments plus steroids so im feeling a little better at the moment, but during my attack I lost control of my bladder, I've never experienced this before and was wondering if this is common?

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  • Considering how ill you were I am not surprised. So very very glad you are feeling better gentle hugs :-)

  • Thank you so much!!!! 😊 yea it's such a scary experience and some people don't take asthma attacks seriously, they think we're overreacting and being dramatic which is a shame because it has to be one of the worse feelings ever not being able of breathe. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. But hopefully the worst of it is over and now that im on medication regularly it wont ever happen again!!

  • TBH your body was under a lot of stress and sometimes that does happen. I'd say it was normal, and nothing to worry about.

    Hope you're getting better :-)

  • Okay yea it was scary actually it just happened to me again 2 nights ago same exact thing, twice now in 2 weeks they think I have pneumonia on to of the asthma but it's the worse feeling losing control of your bladderb like that especially while you feel like your about to die because your oxygen levels become so low, but that makes sense seeing my body is under so much stress, I just wasn't sure if it was normal for that to happen because I've never had an asthma attack that severe, the i really never thought I had asthma I would get tightness and short of breath when the seasons changed but nothing that couldn't be controlled with a lil bit of steroids and inhalers but this was something different. The meds didn't do a thing to help my condition.

  • Yup - happened to me. Seems to be just part of the exhaustion that comes with being so ill, so as your lungs, recover so will the rest of you. Rest easy.

  • Thanks yea it was scary and definitely alot of stress on my body so I was hoping that it wasn't unusual, I had never had an attack this severe

  • Was this after you were admitted and being treated because some meds can do this

  • No it was actually during the attack, I woke up very tight, basically hyperventilating, so I tried my inhaler and nebulizer thinking it would help but it did nothing then all of a sudden it was like I was breathing so loud but no air was getting in, my oxygen levels went to less than 50% what it should normally be i felt like I was suffocating to death and that I was about to pass out and than tgats when I lost control of my bladder having the accident, so I wasn't sure Ifor maybe it was because I was about to loose consciousness or what, so I didn't know if it was normal because the whole attack being that bad I had never experienced before usually the meds would work and I'd be fine

  • Yes it's a known thing. I think it's something to do with the body prioritising where it expends its energy and bladder and bowels are secondary to lungs and oxygenation. All good fun eh? Hope you're soon feeling back on form.

  • Hi , I've not posted anything for ages but reading about the loss of bladder control has made a lot of sense . I had a really bad attack in the street while walking my dog . Trying to speak to ask someone to call an ambulance was a nightmare , eventually one came at the same time as my daughter in law who met me at the hospital with clean underwear . I hadn't been aware of my 'accident' but was really embarrassed when I realised . It makes sense that my body was just coping with most important thing at the time . So thanks for clearing up the mystery and I know I'm not going completely senile

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