Colds and asthma

This is my worse time of year for my asthma. I am on seretide 250 two puffs twice a day and monkelaust 10mg.

Now I battling a cold and cough and its cold outside peak flow dropped a little 370/450. So I know my lungs have a reduce capicity. Regular ventolin has helped todah and yesterday taken the peak flow back up.

As with all colds evening and night worse. Is an hurting/achy chest a definition of a tight chest still getting use to the jargoon.

I cant double my preventive as this isnt on my asthma plan just regular ventolin after asthma attack in the recovery stage. Day 15 after asthma attack and dont want another one.

Advise please next asthma review 9th dec as per follow up on asthma attack.

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  • Hi I recently replied (at some length) to a similar question, under my Forum Name - Matman. As I don't want to spam the forum by reproducing my comment word for word, my earlier reply can be read below the question I responded to on this Forum as part of the following conversation thread.

  • You have my sympathy - I'm going through exactly the same thing at the moment. If you are coming down with a cold go to the dr immediately and get yourself on a course of steroid tablets. I wish I had done that last week when I felt a cold coming - I may well have avoided my 3rd chest infection since September and yet another course of strong antibiotics as well as the steroids.

  • Hi i rang asthma uk helpline this morning as I go up this morning to get my teenage up for school at 6:30 am and then went back to bed. Eventually I got up at 9 am. Took my seretide Had a shower and got dressed did my peak flow. 380/450. Had 4 puffs of my Ventolin half and hour later then more less than an hour later. Rang asthma uk helpline who advised me to go to the doctors. Rang the doctors no appointment so they are going to get the duty doctor to ring me this morning. My doctors is 5 minute walk around the corner but I don't want to go out in the cold. I told the receptionist I was going to take my rescue steroids did this half an hour ago peak flow has gone up a little bit. Feeling absolutely shattered and still have a phlegmy cough so going to go and sit down in my warm living room and do none thing.

    Will update when I know more.

  • Update spoke to duty doctor advised to carry on with steroids and ventolin at regular intervals. Peak flow should go back up in 6-12 hours. I need to get an appointment on Friday. Not looking forward to the side effect for me interrupted sleep and mood swings. The doctor asked if I have a follow up appointment and I said yes. I have an appointment with my brill asthma nurse Friday week. This is my follow up appointment from my asthma attack on the 14th of November. So sorted for now.

  • take control give up all refined carbohyrates stick to healthy foods fresh veg. soup, fruit etc

  • good luck with the treatment Elena keep warm xx

  • Thank you sitting on my sofa watching some Dr Who. A bit feed up as I haven't done anything all day. Still blessed with a wonderful husband and three great teenager daughter.

  • haha..Dr Who is magic :))) Glad your family is a help.

  • Yep I was brought up on Dr Who in the 70's hiding behind the sofa . Now it's been relied still love it. Peak flow back to normal now. Just keeping my ventolin up every 4 hours.

  • I remember the Daleks and the Tardis!

  • Now dalesks can fly! Wasn't scared of them the cyber man yes but that is because they went down the tube line and I from London . Thanks for making me smile.

  • enjoy!!

  • I don't eat refined carbohydrate I am a brown bread and rice girl. I usually have a healthy diet as my other long term health condition restricts my diet to make my diet very healthy. No acidic foods, no caffeine, no chocolate, no processed food I.e sausages no alcohol only three kinds of fruit, no onions, no yogurt.

  • Maybe you should investigate taking some strong probiotic capsules

  • Why?

  • because I was chronic asthmatic for forty years did not get rid of chest infections until I started taking probiotics now asthma free

  • Have you tried the Flu Jab? it helps!

  • Yes had flu jab in October.

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