My daughter has just been prescribed Montelukast and I've been told two different things so am hoping those with experience of the drug can help.

One paediatrician told me to give it to her in the morning as it'll reduce the risk of night terrors but another paediatrician said it's to be given in the evening only.

Help am confused and I don't want to do the wrong thing as I'm desperate for her asthma to improve.


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  • I take Montelukast in the evening.

  • Hi my daughter had the granules from about 10 months to 3 years. We stirred it in a yoghurt for her each evening before bed. I only recall her having one episode of night terrors and this was quite possibly before she was on Montelukast. Hope it helps x

  • Thanks.

  • I was on it for around 6 months but it did nothing at all. I took it in the evening too

  • I don't know if it's different for children but the tablet is definitely meant for taking at night.

  • I have been on Montelukast for over 15 years and always taken in the evening I have never had any bad reaction to it.

  • I have been on Montelukast for years and always told to take of an evening, whether it is different for children I don't know. What does it say in pamphlet that came with it

  • I take this at bedtime. Only taken it for just over a month and do find that it relieves my Asthma taken along with Seretide 500 One Puff in Morning and One at Night. I take the Montelukast at bedtime as prescribed. Hope this helps. x

  • I used to use before bed. For nighttime asthma.But boyfriend at the time. He used it in the morning to help with day time Hayfever making his lungs worse

  • Thanks all. I'm going to give it to her in the evenings as this seems the general rule. The leaflet which came with it said evening too.

    Trying to disguise the granuals in something like yoghurt but she's knows there's something going on and for the first time ever has refused yoghurt. Typical!

  • I take it in the morning. No nightmares but if taken at night I find it hard to get to sleep. Works well for my asthma.

  • Hi. I take mine at night with no problem. My grandson is 5 and he takes his in the morning because of bad dreams . Hope that helps. xx

  • Hi forgot to say my grandson has a chewable 4mg tablet. xx

  • I give my daughter hers at in the morning so she dosnt get night terrors and she seem to be doing really well on it xx

  • Did your GP or consultant say that was ok to do as I've had conflicting information?

  • They never said to me so I chose to do it she's due a check up and I'll say then but it has defo helped her wheeze I have brittle asthma my self and take two in the morning and two at night unusual I know I've been doing it for a year now. I dont think there is much differese as long as she gets it once a day and it really dose work for my daughter xxx

  • I had been giving it in the morning but everything I read said for asthma do in the evening.

    I think the night terrors have started though (she's been on it a week) and I can't do a job, commute and cope with being mum to on a few hours kip every night.

    The morning seemed to make sense to me as it felt like the side affects would be less so.

  • My child was the same so I gave her it in the morning now they have stoped she still talks in her sleep most night but it's not terrors and she's only been doing it since taking this tablet but I can cope with the talking in her sleep and she's not wheezy like she was befor starting it so all is good here. Am sure you could try her on it in the morning for two weeks and see how she goes. I was heart broken two months ago when she took her first attack at school and from then she had been taking bad allergic reactions hives wheeze she has been started on clenil cetirizein and singular and she's so much better I give her cetirizin in the morning to xx

  • I'm 54 but have been on it for years and take it about 7-8pm. It comes in chewable format and I find it very effective for controlling my symptoms at night.

    It's kind of prescribed for allergic type asthma to manage symptoms and I only wish I could take it 2/3 times a day but it's one only at night. I've had no side effects, good luck x

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