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Hi I've just been diagnosed with asthma late in life I'm 60 in a couple of weeks been mentioning to the doc about my cough for a couple of years but I put it down to being overweight as I coughed when I did as much as walking up stairs or just getting dressed also noticed change in room temperature set me off been given clenilmodulite twice a day and ventolin up to 4 times a when needed

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  • I am sorry to hear that. I hope the medication helps. Take care xx

  • Thank you hope you are well also x

  • Thanks :)))

  • Hi Carerqueen and welcome I got this rotten thing when I was 73 and I have just reached my prime, it's a rotten condition but it's like a new life you have to learn to live with and there is a lot of good advice and help on this site good luck :-)

  • Thank you its a queer thing you think you get to a certain age and you don't expect things like asthma got a cold at moment so chest is tight hope all OK with you x

  • Assume you would have been given a Spirometry Test to help confirm diagnosis as there are a few related respiratory conitions including Chronic Bronchitis, COPD, Asperligosis etc that give rise to similar symptoms. It's important that Tests (including but not limited to Spirometry) are undertaken so that you get an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment. Asthma Triggers range from Dust Mite Feces to Pet Allergies through to Fungal Infections, with numerous others in between. The really important thing is to be as certain as possible (a) That it's definitely Asthma (b) Whether it's Alergic or non Alergic Asthma and (c) Assuming it is Asthma - what your personal triggers are.

    You'll also need to avoid cold and flu like infections which usually make Asthma far worse. I recently replied (at some length) on that topic under my Forum Name to another Post. (As I don't want to spam this forum by reproducing my comments on that topic 'word for word' - my earlier reply about that can be read below the Post I responded to on this Forum as part of the below conversation thread - My comment to that thread can be found under my Forum Name - Matman)

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