Hi everyone hope u all well been struggling abit but trying to hold out till next Wednesday when I go into hospital in rbh for the hydrocortisone my lungs really need it now keep me going hopefully over Xmas il have no hair as it makes my hair fall out it's allready patchy from going to hospital the other week got my bandana on to keep head warm lol , hope everyone doing well the weather not good but keep smiling take care x

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  • Take care Tracey. What exactly is hydrocortisone treatment and what happens when you have treatment at the RBH? Lots of love xxx

  • Sorry to hear you are not so well. Hope things get sorted for you soon. Take care.

  • Nice to hear from you Tracey I've been wondering how you are.

    Take care.

  • Thanks yea been really busy with hospital appointments etc haven't had a lot of time to myself and when I have been exhausted but i'm ok stil carrying on hope u ok. X

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