Asthma and flu mist spray

Hi. Just after some advice as can't do anything til monday.

My son (age 6) is due to have the flu may spray at school on Wednesday. I've filled in the consent form weeks ago. Anyway, since filling in the consent form my son has had an asthma flare up which meant I was giving him his blue inhaler 4 hourly. He's fine now apart from a cough but still has his blue inhaler in morning before school and before bed. Do I have to notify anyone that he has recently had inhaler before they can give flu spray or is it still ok for him to have it? Obviously I won't be at school with him when he has the flu mist so can't notify the nurse at the time.


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  • I can't see why you would need to as the flu spray is a dead virus and can't give him the flu. I can't see any way it would affect his breathing.

    If you are still worried why not give him a note to give to the nurse before he has it? x

  • The fluent tetra nasal spray is a live virus.

  • My son has just has his flu spray and the school nurse called me the day before to double check he wasn't on any steroids (the brown inhaler is fine, she was checking he wasn't on the tablets which he'd have been given if he had a recent attack). I would mention to school that your son has been using his blue more often as they don't like to give it to them if they aren't 100%. Call the office and ask to have a chat to the nurse when they come in to give the kids the spray. We also had the call because I'd ticked the asthma box on the consent form. Good luck.

  • I would also book an appointment with the asthma nurse to have a review. Your son shouldn't need to keep taking his blue inhaler. If it does settle very soon then he really needs a check up.


  • I looked into this for me as I was due to have the flu jab and I have had a flare up. The GP told me not to have the flu jab until I am better and off Prednisolone for a week or so. The adult flu virus is dead but I thought the child virus was alive? I would let the school know exactly what your son has taken and postpone to a later date if needed but I am no medical expert obviously.

  • As long as he hasn't got a current wheeze or temperature or recent attack requiring oral steroids it is fine to have the flu vaccination

  • The nasal spray for children is a live vaccine with an additional strain to the inactive vaccine adults get. Yes it is important that the nurse knows he has been not so good.

  • I would let them know. I am a teacher and when my class had it one child was not allowed due to a recent attack and one couldn't because inhaled steroid dose was too high (the guidelines they used were quite strict and they did phone some parents for clarification). They are coming back to redo the first (and others who missed it). The other had to go to the GP.

  • I phoned the nurse team who were doing the spray at my daughter's school as she had need her steroid puffer uping. My mmain thing was to find out when they were coming so littlle one come be back on maintenance dose.

  • My son's now on brain inhaler one spray morning and night but thats his normal dosage he just used to refuse it. I'm hoping the nurse will ring me and ask about all his asthma meds anyway

  • so long as no wheeze no temp and she felt ok in herself. She would be ok. If not then they would have to do her spray a few days later. Thankfully puffer was back to normal was she was ok 😊

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