What should I do?

I haven't been to the doctors as i am scared that nothing will be wrong but it's getting worse when I play sports my chest is now hurting and sometimes it hurts when I breathe. The other week I went to a trampolining park and it was awful because my throat felt really really tight and so did my chest. I'm also feeling out of breath more what should I do?

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  • Maybe you could phone Asthma UK help line. The nurses are excellent.

  • Never ever be afraid to go to the doctors if you are having problems with your asthma. It's important that they know of any changes to your condition so that they can review it and the medication you are using. The better they know your asthma the better they can help you if you ever need urgent treatment.

    You must report this to your doctor. Don't think you will be wasting his/her time. If your doctor tells you that you are, find another doctor.

  • Hi I looked back at your post a month ago and the advice you got there was to go to the doctors and see if there is a problem. We can't diagnose you on here - only a doctor can. The alternative is to put up with it and hope there is nothing wrong. I know which I would choose. It is far better to go and there not be a problem than not to go and there is.

    I don't know your age but I presume you are 16 or older? x

  • No I'm actually not which is one of the reasons I'm scared because when I tell my parents they just say I'm fine x

  • Definitely go to the doctor, you can ring 111 today and see if you can get an out of hours appt.

  • With some people asthma symptoms are exacerbated by exercise. This sounds like you. You need to review your asthma with your asthma nurse or GP. Take regular preventer inhaler and you can try taking one or two puffs of your reliever blue inhaler prior to exercise to help. However if you are using it a lot you need to get your preventer medication reviewed.. dont leave it as it's not properly controlled at the moment

  • Go to the Doctor and get checked out asap. You will be causing yourself anxiety which won't help you. Good Luck x

  • Go to doctor asap and look after your health.. its yr body look afterit get help from the experts. Wishing u get help and feel bettersoon.

  • I have read that taking a Montelukast pill of 10 mg one hour before sports and inhaling one puff of corticoid will help you a lot. Many athletes who suffer from asthma do this especially during cold weather. In hot weather it is not always necessary.

    It is called cold weather afterexercise asthma.

    No reason why you should be afraid of going to the Doctor.

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