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Finding a new consultant - East Anglia


I have Severe asthma triggered by infection (viral and bacterial) I have recently moved to the area from 170 miles away where I have a really nice local consultant backed up by the nearest difficult asthma service. Despite multiple medications I still frequently exacerbate and GP has suggested I need more local care.

I'm not sure if we are allowed to recommend on here but if anyone wants to PM me that would be fine. Probably my nearest big centres are Norwich, Cambridge and Papworth.


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I was going to say Papworth. They have a lung defence clinic. Which is most probably were you will get set to. They deal with difficult asthma broncectsis (sp?) Some CF go to the cllinic if they have bugs that would pass on to other CFers. I was with them about 10 yrs only gone back to local hospital as not easy to get to Papworth as I don't drive. Roll on when they get the new hospital up and running then. I will be trying to get back with them 😉

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Thanks! Any particular person you recommend?

You can PM if you don't want to say on open forum!


I have PMed you 😊


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