Asthma causing mucus??

I'm 20. I have had asthma since I was 7. For a few years after that, I seemed to be fine then suddenly my asthma relapsed when I was 18. Yesterday and today have been hell. I can feel this mucus in my throat, I can't shift it. I've managed to shift some of it using my blue inhaler, but since yesterday have been causing me to feel weirdly sick. Like, I don't physically feel sick, but at times I've sat in the bathroom worrying I will throw up.

My blue inhaler has expired and is nearly empty, but in a desperate bid to rid the mucus from my throat, I used it. It seems to have an extent. I have never experienced this before, it's making me panic a little because I have to constantly drink something or my throat goes dry. I've tried eating too, but I just can't physically eat something because my body doesn't want to swallow it.....can someone help?? I'm not sure what to do, because I think it's my asthma but I don't know😐

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  • Hi you need to go to the GP and have a checkup it could be a virus, usually mucus in the back of the throat comes from the nose, make sure you wash your nose with a nasal saline solution head forward so it doesn't go back down your throat. And you need them to renew your blue inhaler anyway.

    Take care xx

  • Hi I think you are allergic to the proteins in dairy ,read my post , dairy is in everything cut all dairy out and you will be mucus free . cheers Andy.

  • I am tempted to agree far more with HappyLondon's rational judgement than the other hyper-speculative comment. You probably do simply have a virus, which hopefully will shift in its own good time. Your GP might not want to prescribe unless s/he feels your asthma risks exacerbating though, so maybe a few over the counter remedies might help alleviate things until it goes naturally.

    BTW; get your blue inhaler replaced quickly!!

  • I agree with the others and sometimes mucus goes down your throat into your stomach which is maybe why you are feeling sick, hope it all gets sorted xx

  • Tend to agree with Sarah. I was recently diagnosed with late onset asthma as a result of constant winter colds and having to continuously remove mucous from my throat. Whereas some mucous will undoubtedly come from your nose, mucous from asthma and small airways obstructive disease comes from the lungs as they attempt to protect themselves from nothing in particular (one of the problems with autoimmune responses). I too find that Ventolin helps and feel mildly nauseous as I am swallowing the mucous all the time. You can get antimuscarinics which might help with the mucous - your GP should be able to advise. Also drinking a lot and cutting down on diary and wheat products might help but, in my experience, can take a long time to work. Best thing is to try not to worry too much about it; it can be quite distressing, but not unusual, and I'm sure you'll find something that will help.

  • Thank you everyone, I will be going to the doctors. I've been like this since Friday, luckily I don't feel so ill anymore but 5 days is long enough for me! I've had a very disturbed sleep, and I've not been able to eat proper solid food for 5 days. I can eat a little chicken, or something but since then I've been stuck on soup and tea because the mucous doesn't bother me whilst I'm eating or drinking. I'm really not sure what's causing it, it was so out of the blue! My friend even suggested I take a pregnancy test because that's what she thinks is wrong😐

  • I've had some surprising results today, I actually managed to get rid of a load of mucous! I did end up swallowing it but I'd rather that then it stuck in my throats making me throw up!

  • Based on your previous message I wondered what you were about to tell us your surprising results actually were ;)

  • Well I never get ill often so results of me feeling less ill is good for me lol! I'm going to the doctors Monday and if I'm still unwell I'm going to see about it! Th mucous is finally shifting, but the bloody stuff is wedged in part of my throat and won't go all the way down😩 But definitely feeling better lol!

    I think I'm just happy it's going away tbh, have being ill!😂

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