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I have just found this site. I've had late onset asthma for a few years now and my condition fluctuates. The past few weeks have been the worst my Asthma has ever been. It seems to be weather (cold air) related and I cough and wheeze until I take about 8 puffs of my inhaler. I need to take my inhaler every day. Any advice, tips from anyone would be much appreciated. Don't know how to get this under control. Thanks.

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  • Which inhalers are you using?

  • Got new pink inhaler today from doc. Was on brown and blue, now pink and blue!

  • You need to speak to your Practice nurse or phone Asthma UK helpline for cold weather advice

  • I went and saw Practice nurse and she's changed my preventive inhaler. Thanks

  • Sounds like you have a salbutamol reliever (blue) inhaler. You might benefit from a preventer (brown) inhaler as well.

  • I have the brown but doc changed it today to a stronger (pink)

  • Definitely make an urgent appointment to see your GP or asthma nurse asap. You need a review of your medication, may, depending on how bad you are, need a course of oral steroid tablets. Don't struggle on needing to take so much blue inhaler. There is a lot more that can be done to help. Meanwhile if you need to go out in the cold, cover your nose and mouth with a scarf and breathe through it as it warms up the air slightly. This and other advice can be found on the asthma uk website or if you ring their helpline. They are very good.

  • I went to doc today and I've been put on a stronger preventive inhaler. Here's hoping......

  • Hi ,my name is Loraine im also new to the site , i have severe asthma , i have had asthma since i was 4 year old but not to bad until i turned 30 , i had pleurisy and pneumonia since then its been a nightmare i am on several tablets and inhalers as my consultant says i have difficult to control asthma , lol i also have an other long conditions that has only been discovered through a CT scan . so it trial and error with that different medications to see what works .

    There are a lot of usful people with help and advice im just finding my way around the sit too . good luck hope you are well.

  • Hi Loraine I had asthma(chronic) for over forty years found enzyme capsules called serranol & blockbuster + probiotics cured my asthma aged 72. Walk/Run 15 miles a week cycle and sing in a choir

  • Thats amazing well done , are there from your doctor or a health shop , sorry I don't mean to sound stupid but I wouldlike to know more su mo thank you for your interest . loraine

  • loraine you can get them from good health shops,but i buy mine direct from a company called goodhealth naturally. Not cheap but proven to work with some minor lifestyle changes. More information from website run by Robert Redfern. Please do your own research to satisfy yourself they are for you N. B. Most G.P.s do not know how effective they are; but if you only just take a strong probiotic,. you should prevent chest infections. Good Luck

  • Thanks very much i will look on to it .

  • Su-mo I am going to look into this, out of interest do you take any preventers now or were you able to come off them?

  • Hi Jill Yes I take Symbicort if I am doing serious vigorous exercise especially in cold weather i,e. running

  • Thanks Loraine. Please look after yourself. X

  • I went to doc today and they changed my brown preventive to the stronger pink inhaler (Fostair). Watch this space! Thanks

  • Sounds positive. Fostair is a combination inhaler which contains a long acting beta 2 agonist ( like a long acting blue inhaler) and a small particle inhaled steroid ( brown inhaler).

  • Good luck i hope it helps you , I have heard a lot of people who are changing to fostair, my mum is on it for her copd , she stopped for a while as she was it was making her really itchy she had her arms on some mess , she stopped taking it but ended up going back on it as apart from the itching it was helping her copd so when she went back to the doctor she was given antihistamines and cream for the itching and she has to use her air chamber to take it and she find it really helps her breathing , so fingers crossed it will help you too

  • They just put me on Fostair. I am having my first flare up, nearly 4 weeks. Initially the powder one but that made me cough so they changed it to a puffer to use with a spacer. They said it works for 12 hours so I now do 2 puffs in the morning and the same time in the evening whereas I used to do the brown when cleaning my teeth in the morning and before bed. I hope it works for you. Best wishes.

  • Glad you went for a review. You did the right thing!

    Have you got another appointment to review your progress on the new? if not go back after 4 weeks so they can check that it has made a difference!!

    Fingers crossed it works!!

  • Ended up being ambulanced off to hospital on Saturday. Had two nebulisers Saturday night and another one Monday morning. On steroids and ant acid as been getting heartburn. Soldiering on!

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