Asthma symptoms seems easier with benzo type medication??

Hi I have had asthma all my life currently over quite a few months its worsened dramatically. I am 54 and never been this pad , breathless walking upstairs. I also have osteoarthritis and depression and anxiety, and notice my shoulder and upper body to diaphragm are always extremely tense and I am unable to relax, despite the fact I'm a psyche nurse of 30 years and know what to do.

I wondered if anyone else notices if they are prescribed them if their symptoms become easier taking benzo medication or similar to relax you as I have noticed I dont cough as much, breathe easier and done wheeze as much. I try and take an objective view and rationalise this but it does seem to make a difference. I suppose if anyone uses cannabis/thc they might feel similar. I'm not here to catch anyone out at all but wondered if others use relaxants do their asthma symptoms improve at all.


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  • Relaxants make my worse and benzodiazepines are respiratory depressors. Just shows even with the same diagnosis we are still individuals

  • I would advise taking antidepressant-tranquilizer escitalopram. It diminishes asthma a lot. Benzos are very addicting, and you have to increase doses for them to work when the organism becomes tolerant

  • Hi , I take diazapam but it is for my fybromyalgia but yes i do find that they also help with my breathing but different medications effect eveyone different , as I take a lot of strong pain relief and tablets for my asthma , on occasions when I have been admitted to hospital the doctors stop some of my medication in case its suppressing my breathing including my diazapam , but now they dont as when I see my own consultant in hospital he always puts me back on them , again its just different medications help some but not others , when i was recently in hospital a lady was given oramorph to help relax her breathing she had copd , i laughted as I was on that as a top up if required for my fybromyalgia and the doctors got me to change to oxycodon as its supposed to have less effect on your breathing yet they were giving it to someone else to help her breathing , sometimes it depends on what doctor you see .

  • Hi Loraine, I am also on Tramadol, and as required Morphine liquid for servere pain with osteoarthritis in my knees. I don't see a difference with Morphine only severe itching as I've chronic eczema and can't take more than 7.5mls which is 12mg and I still itch with that low dose. I've not been prescribed diazepam but have them from my dad and was a nurse for many yrs, I know Dr's won't prescribe them. I'm on sertraline and Pregabalin for anxiety but don't really leave the house due to anxiety. I do find when I take them at a decent dose it relaxes my shoulders and upper body which is always tense and breathe easier. I've actually wondered if I had fibro and I'm seeing rheumatologist end January for cortisone injection into hip and might ask her. However last time no interest at all. I know it's painful areas all over which is similar and fatigue and fibro fog. I get recall and remembering issues but don't hurt all over. Anyway next wishes and thanks for your reply x

  • Hi matti , i also saw a rheumatologist i was lucky enough that I had private health care through my work at the time and i also got cortisone infections between my gp and the doctor i saw privately diagnosed me with fybromyalgia , i was also on tramadol and co codamol , I went private as I had been in agony for months after having pleurisy and pneumonia my gp tried several anti- inflammation tablets when my gp saidci needed to see a rheumatologist he said could take between 9 to 12 months before I would see someone thats why I went private and after only a few visits i was diagnosed with fybromyalgia although mine wss throughout my whole body some people only get it in therelegs or arms not everyone gets it throughout there whole body , i see that you said you take pregabapen , i take gabapentin which is the same group , you seem to taje alot of the same or similar medication as i take or have taken , i also used to get itchy with oramorph , Iwas given antihistamines to help and diprobase cream . eventually I was put on the mst tablets and oramorph as a top up for extra pain relief when i had flare ups , im now on zomorph instead of msts I think it's just a cheaper brand as most poeple tjat i know that were on mst morphine tablets are now on zomorph , i hope that you dont have fybromyalgia but I hope that you get some answers when you see the rheumatologist. it strange coincidence that we have been on very similar medication . good luck ,

  • Hi loraine Just clicked in to this post,and I am now thinking you should investigate a natural treatment called 1st Line Defence which is an Oxythiocyanate for your fibromyalgia.

  • Hi Matti see my reply to loraine!

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