Worried about my job?

Hi, I started a new job last month, in my interview I disclosed that I have brittle asthma and that I get quite a few chest infections that trigger my attacks, I also said that I've been hospitalised a few times because of it, I still got the job which is great, unfortunately my asthma has been worse than ever (Sod's law), and my supervisor has now said that he never guessed my asthma was this bad. I'm on a 3 month probationary period as is everyone that starts, I really can't see them renewing my contract, they've already given me concessions eg: no freezer/chiller work, no pre shift meetings in cold warehouse, allowing me to use my nebuliser during shift. If I lose my job I don't know what I will do, any suggestions?

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  • Hi

    I'm not sure health issues should be discussed in an interview setting. If you are in a union then I'd suggest contacting them for advice or citizens advice.

  • Hiya, thanks for replying, it was a requirement that I fill in a health questionnaire prior to face to face interview.

  • It is illegal for a prospective employer to ask any information about health conditions at interview and the prospective employee doesn't have to disclose them. I have severe brittle asthma and know this as I had a work issue related to my health and was informed by an employment solicitor. The question isn't even legal to ask on an application form. I was told in future to ignore all such questions and/or comment it is illegal for you to ask these questions under the equality act. Once you are offered a job you can disclose so that you can have appropriate adaptions made. If they aren't forthcoming it's a breach of the equality act and disability discrimination. You may well be under a probationary period, but they employed you with full knowledge of your health condition. You've subsequently unfortunately had a flare up (similar circumstances after starting a new job and hospitalisation is what lead me to see an employment solicitor) and may well be protected under law as a result. I'd take advice from a solicitor. Good luck.x

  • Hi I am very surprised by this as many application forms ask you to list what illnesses you have. Others ask whether you have any illness which can interfere with your ability to do the job. If it's the former I always answer truthfully but if the latter I say no.

    It might be against the law but if you refuse to answer direct questions on the form I am not sure an employer would take you on. x

  • Hi has it resulted in you having time off or not being able to do your duties? If not then I don't see any reason why they should let you go. If it has then maybe they will. Unfortunately you don't have any rights (unless under certain conditions) until you have been in a job for at least years. Can your doctor help if you explain about your job?

    Can't think of anything else, but good luck. They sound like good employers and I hope you get a positive outcome. x

  • Hiya, thank you for replying, i haven't taken time off as yet as I refuse to take time off, although my doctor did say for me to take day off as I've gotten a chest infection and now on antibiotics and steroids, I have had to stop what I've been doing to go on my nebuliser as I was really struggling to breath and that was after my blue inhaler first, losing my job isn't an option as I need to make money, I have 2 boys to look after. Trying not to get too worked up about it just yet as there hasn't been any word yet, work has now put me in different department where I'm not anywhere near a draft, I know it's not my fault but I do feel guilty and embarrassed, at least I had forwarded them about my asthma.

  • They seem like far employers with what I have read , they seem to be acomadating you so you must be a good worker good luck hopefully everything goes well for you .

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement x

  • No answers, just wanted to say good luck and I hope things improve for you.

  • If ur asthma comes under the disability act can they really sack u i think it might cover u but i am not 100 per cent sure.

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