Like a few others on here, I was issued a substitute for my Symbicort turbo haley without being told. I could tell immediately that it wasn't the same but I gave it a go for a couple of weeks but I could tell my asthma was getting more out of control.

When I went back to the pharmacist they said they weren't allowed to issue Symbicort unless specifically listed on the prescription .

I got an appointment to see an asthma nurse really quickly due to my worsening condition and she wasn't even aware that the pharmacist was doing this!

Anway, I'm back on Symbicort for the last few days and I think things are calming down but it feels like it will take a while.

Surely this shouldn't be happening without discussion

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  • I was changed over to duoresp without any discussion too a few months ago. The nurse said the ingredients are exactly the same as symbicort. Yes they are but the expedients are different and the particles are smaller. I was very breathless on it so I rang the doctor who without any preamble changed me back straightaway. It's because it's cheaper and are trying to save the NHS money. x

  • I'm all for helping the NHS save money but as you say, the particulate size is different and the effectiveness is not the same. I suppose they see who complains and who manages

  • I have heard it works well for some people but I hate the way it is being done ie forced on people without discussion. x

  • Hi I'm a nurse with severe asthma who gets xolair injections 2 weekly. The specialist asthma nurse said if you go to the GP and say it's making your symptoms worse they have to put you back into Symbicort. I rang and asked for someone to ring me and said I'd had pneumonia, can't breath, walk up and downstairs and the particles are much larger and my asthma is much worse even though in reality it's got worse for months but I want certain. The next day looked at my records and it was back on my repeat!! Give a graphic detail of how its making you worse and peak flows lower etc (saying no more) if you get my meaning. Some people are OK but it's disgraceful how it's been done. The respiratory nurse told me they have done the same with the patients on the ward as that's where you have to go for xolair. It's shocking with no consultation just told. I had a pharmacist ring me and I said I don't agree and argued my case initially being put on it but she took no notice. I'm back on Symbicort but there's a fairly new combination inhaler FOSTAIR which I've never tried as none of them in all honesty help me.

    Challenge and ring Dr's and say in detail how your asthma had worsened. Good luck x

  • I tried Fostair in hospital last Jan when in with dodgy SATs...I reacted to it quite badly. Now off the list for good. I don't respond to salbutamol in any way (so asthma nurse checks useless) but am under an excellent consultant for late onset atypical asthma. I was changed to DuoResp as an all-Wales cost cutter...lasted on it less than a fortnight. Symbicort Turbohalers rock...for me...hygienic and apart from slight light headedness on taking it - and occasional indigestion if I take it's wonderful. Given the Symbicort inhaler by mistake this month - managed to pinch my lip and my finger the two times I used it. Thankfully pharmacy at doctor's say it's the wrong one - not another change for cost cutting.

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