Help please!

I have been struggling for almost 6 years now since having pneumonia.Every winter (late September to April) with reoccurring chest infections and a horrific cough. I'm unable to go outside during these months without coughing constantly! I have become accustomed to staying indoors. I was referred to a respiratory consultant in February who confirmed allergic asthma (grade 3 allergy to grass and tree pollen) I don't understand how this would work with my winter problems (I do get hay fever though)

I am currently taking 10mg montelukast, Spiriva respiratory 2.5 micro gram 2 puffs twice daily, Symbicort 200 2 puffs once a day and ventolin 2 puffs twice a day then as required.

I have also tried clenil, fostair, seretide and beclonaise? Sp?

My symptoms don't seem to be resolving but my lung function is too good to be considered for xolair.

Has anyone had similar problems? Any help and advice greatly received

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  • Hi Cw70

    The conditions for prescribing Xolair have been relaxed recently- do you have lots of courses of pred/ hospital/ A&E admissions? If so you might be eligible under the new guidelines irrespective of FEV.

  • Have you had the pin prick test to see if you are allergic to spores . They are in the air all year round all over the country . Maybe worth finding out Best Marilyn

  • Hi Cw had a an article on 11/19/2016 about how taking 3300 to 4300 units of Vitamin D a day cut respiratory infections in half on a test group of seniors. Read the article, talk to your doctor it could work for any age group. Good Luck

  • Have you had your vaccination responses tested. Or had skin prick tests done to moulds

  • Hello Have they tested your immunoglobulin A? I have severe bronchial asthma and a deficit in that IGa, which makes you prone to respiratory infections. Ask for that blood test.

    Take care xx

  • I'm not too sure of all the tests but my IGe levels were 235 which I was told was high?

  • Sorry I don't know about scores, I'm going again for the IgA on Friday morning but I have no eosinophilia which is a start! that is an allergy/asthma factor too.

  • Sadly it's my 3rd year of suffering at this time of year, really suffering, have mould allergy, but how do you cope with going to work, as this is causing me big problems at the moment awaiting consultant appt. not being able to get around with difficulty in breathing especially as I work with small children.

  • Sounds familiar! On same meds as you since having these symptoms since last October out of the blue! Got a consultant appt in a couple of weeks to hopefully get to the bottom of it.

    Had strep pneumoniae and currently got a hib infection.... long course of doxycycline.... fed up is a massive understatement... was quite athletic a year ago!

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