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Whistling sound


First time on forum. I have asthma and for a long time now it seems pretty much under control.

However I just wanted to ak do others have a whistling sound as they breath in and out. My sons commented as when they visited they wondered what the sound was and then realised it was me! This is usual for me .

I had an operation for a deviated septum some years ago when I was really struggling with my sinuses and this made my asthma worse. Since the operation I feel I am breathing properly for the first time. Should I still have is constant whistling sound taking my inhalers?

Thank you

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Though I don't now, since my asthma has been better controlled, i have had many strange sounds, like whistling, squeaking and so on. Once I even thought I heard a dog helping, then realised it was me, my breathing. It was never constant, but would just come and then go, often, but not always, when I had been physically active. This rarely happens now as my meds were substantially increased after an attack that landed me in hospital for a few days. So it might be worth checking if your asthma is well enough controlled.


I was thinking of posting about this. Where does the whistling sound come from Rollonfriday?

I have asthma (Seretide, Spiriva and Ventolin). For the last year I have had huge amounts of mucus in the bit between my boobs and above. The GP and I eventually realised it is from post nasal drip and I have been using Beconase. This has been successful and the mucus is reduced but that area is 'creaking' audibly as I breathe out sometimes. I hadn't realised how congested my sinus area must have been as it crept up on me.

I have been coughing for many years and this is a bit of a problem at the moment as I need two cataract operations in the next few weeks.


It seems to come from the chest and nasal area . I suppose I'm so used to it now it's only occasionally I think this can't be right.

I have tried to cut right down on dairy which I think has helped. .i do still seem to have a lot of mucus , I used avamys which I found really good , maybe I need to go back on it. The creaking as you say also seems to describe mine as well especially at night.

Thank you and stay well .


I don't know if it's helpful but I have a similar problem that happens at random moments and is audible to me and others. The nurses at the respiratory clinic thinks I may have vocal cord dysfunction which will need further investigation- a tube down my throat to have a look... Perhaps it's worth mentioning ☺


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