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Hospital Asthma Clinic

Long story short, i've been asthmatic almost all of my life and usually successfully controlled.

Recently I've had other health problems and i've been referred to the hospital asthma clinic and got my first appointment next monday.

What should i expect from this appointment? Will it just be collecting history etc or will they do tests?

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The usual routine is a round of lung function tests (peak flow, expired volume etc - which involve blowing into various bits of machinery in different ways!)' oxygen levels, BP and weight before you see the Dr (or possibly nurse specialist). Then they will want a full history and will want to know about any clear triggers. If they think you may have allergies then they may do a patch test. They should check if you have needed any steroid treatment from your GP and about any chest infections you have had over the last year. A full chest exam should be done (don't worry if your not wheezing or,coughing at the time! They know our problem is intermittent.)

It can be a bit of a lengthy process with gaps in between each bit so be prepared for a little wait.

It's a good idea to go armed with a list of questions, I've always found the clinic team really keen to help answer any questions.

Good luck😀

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Thank you that's really helpful :-)

I obviously know all about peak flow but havent had any other tests done before.

I guessed they'd want to do weight and that worries me slightly. I am overweight but i'm also very active, i actually lost a lot of weight in 2006/7 (have sadly put most of it back on now) but i didn't notice any improvement in my asthma at all at that point and it just seems to be getting steadily worse.

Funny you should mention coughing / wheezing. I'm not really a wheezer but have been struggling with loads of coughing the last couple of weeks - whats the betting my chest will be clear on Monday!!!

My appointment is at 10 but from what you said it sounds like a good job i mentioned to my 12pm work that i might be late (or possibly not get there from what you said - depending on how on time or late the first bit is running, have had experience of ENT be running over an hour late)


Letting work know is a good idea. Your clinic letter may say attendance time not appointment time so be prepared to not go in to see the Dr at the time on the letter. Don't worry about the weight thing. I am overweight with my weight yoyoing with massive doses of steroids and a need to eat loads of cheese (yum!) because of severe vit D deficiency but now back to the gym three times a week and that is really helping. The team should be able to help you with some dietary advice. Good luck


Seems tomorrow's appointment is perfectly timed. Been out walking/hiking (don't know what the difference is!) today and really struggled despite doing the easiest possible of 4 walks and not doing the optional extra 150ft ascent.

Spent all day coughing and averaged about 2 hours between inhaler doses!! A lady said to me at one point "you've not coughed recently" - i'd only taken my inhaler 20 minutes before. Seems maybe the cough was annoying / irritating / worrying others - oops.


My appointment went more or less as you said :-)

Height / weight / pulse / sats / spirometry all before i went in to see the consultant.

I've now got 3 inhalers instead of 2!! I was on seretide which is a combination so he's split that and i've still got the salmeterol element and he's also prescribed Alvesco although he called it ciclesonide - neither of which i'd ever heard of before. He's given me some control over dosages and wants to see me again in 3 months.

Yes i was glad i'd pre-warned work cos i didn't get out of the hospital until the time i was supposed to actually be in work so had to ring them and say i'd be half an hour late.


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