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Recurrent croup with respiratory distress age 4 getting worse


My daughter is nearly 5 and had several A&E visits with 'reactive airways' and 'spasmodic croup' including 2 by ambulance getting as bad as silent stridor close to respiratory failure. I can't sleep, I keep thinking she's going to die and the last admission (the first since March) was horrific! She started to fit as she couldn't breathe! We're under respiratory and ENT doctors at Newcastle freeman, but nothing is helping and the attacks are getting worse! She's had a bronchoscope earlier this year and they removed a small granuloma, this hasn't helped? I'm desperate to speak to anyone who has found help? She's on clenil, ventolin (sometimes helps) and dextramethasone for attacks, she had this 2 hours prior to her 'episode' last week, is anyone out there the same? It's getting worse as she gets older and I don't know where to go from here?

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I am sorry you are having such a frightening time. It must be dreadful to see your little one suffering like that. I hope there is someone on here who can give you some support. I will be thinking of you both and hope you get some answers.


Thank you so much, I've took to the World Wide Web without Any answers, I'm terrified for her x


I am so sorry to hear this, as a parent I know how you feel.

I am sorry I don't have any answers, but if that was me I'd make such a noise about it I would be seen by other experts to shut me up.

This happened with my daughter and her tonsils.

I truly hope someone listens to your concerns and you get the help you need.

Just a thought out I have trouble with certain types of inhalers, I find they make my Asthma worse. It's taken me about 3 years to find a preventor I can tolerate.


Thank you, that's my next question for her consultant, I'd rather she had higher steroids and I can moniter her for infection. I'm terrified for her x

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My heart goes out to you.


Thank you x


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