Chest Infection without a Temperature?

Excessive Mucus for 10 Days but no Temperature. Can it be an Infection if there's no raised Temperature? Feeling like I might need antibiotics (appreciate it could be viral in which case antibiotics no good). Have stayed in and been inactive but wondering how long to leave it before making a doctors appointment. Don't get why I haven't got a Temperature yet still coughing up green mucus, anyone else been there done that? Trying to avoid yet another course of oral steroid tabs, but guess that will have to be the next step.

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  • Green or brown mucus is never a good sign and should be investigated by a doctor.... this time of year it's better to be safe than sorry

  • My son has been the same. Best to be checked by the dr. If you can take a sputum sample (done that morning) in a sterile container. It can be tested and enable them give you the right antibiotic for the infection.

  • I am on permanent oral steroids (plus inhaled ones), cough all the time and when mucus is green (really green and not pale) I usually take co-amoxiclav. My GP prescribed carbocisteine earlier this year and must admit infections have reduced

  • U shd leave a sample of sputum/phelm in with gp for labatory analysis. also u might hav inflammation rather than infection. Drink water it helps dilute mucus. Hope ur well soon. Definte see yr gp.

  • I don't always get a temperature with a chest infection. The only way to be sure is going to see your GP who will listen to your chest. If you have an infection, they will pick it up. It's best to go sooner rather than later because you don't want it to make your asthma worse.

  • Hi usually coloured mucus is a sign of a chest infection and you need ab's and maybe steroids as well. Usually white mucus with extra breathlessness is an exacerbation whereby there is probably no infection, but you might steroids to clear it. It is not always the case but if in doubt it's always best to see a doctor.

    Will your doctor do you a rescue pack to keep at home? The sooner you tackle any problems the sooner you will recover and the less damage you will do to your lungs. x

  • Thanks to everyone above who responded. Seem a bit better now but will see GP if I relapse. Keep forgetting to increase my fluid intake when I get off for a pint now😉

  • It could be a reaction to something in the environment e.g. Mould. Best to get checked out though if the mucous is thicker/green.

  • Hello, I get a temperature with pneumonia or pleurisy but otherwise it is bronchial asthma so I get those exacerbations with mucus then reach for the rescue pred first and see if it goes. I have rescue antibiotics too if I need them..I think all those meds have lowered my immune system to tell you the truth, I know so because of the last blood results so I take thyme and honey herbal tea 3 times a day and vitamin D. I have had the flu jab and the anti pneumonia jab, that helps to keep away from those nasty viruses.

    Take care xx

  • Thanks again. Appreciated


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