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So Frustrating!!

Evening folks

Had a bad day😟 today.

This time last year I became really poorly with my Asthma being totally uncontrolled - this taking many months to get medication sorted.

With many trips to consultants and hospital stays etc.

It had taken until may to become more controlled.

Then flu jab and well I'm feeling shite 4 weeks after...

The past 3 weeks Iv had antibiotics/steroids etc...

Started reducing steroids and my breathing it so uncontrolled yet again.

GP arranging urgent consultant appt 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Next couple days.

I really don't want to end up in hospita yet again.

Iv been trying to keep on top with nebulising/steroids had s weeks rest. Felt little better started to taper down and alls gone to pot again.

Anyone been here???

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Been here quite a few times. Had 8 courses of steroids over the last 3 months plus numerous antibiotics. Only now coming out the other side and crossing my fingers that I don't pick up a cold. It seems to take longer and require more steroids if I come across a trigger, so god knows what it will be like with a virus!!!


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