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My GP has prescribed me incruse ellipta as my asthma is nigh on impossible to control without oral steroids.

He is arranging for me to have a scan on my lungs. Although he did'nt say it I believe he thinks I have COPD - I noticed the inhaler is for COPD.

Apart from the ramifications of having such an illness I am now worried about my employment - I am sure there are'nt many 44 year old cops with COPD.

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Hi, I'm in a similar situation, I'm 46 and have just been diagnosed with small airways disease asthma (always had asthma but the small airways bit is new!). From what I can tell this is similar to COPD as asthma uncontrolled has caused remodelling of the lungs. I wouldn't worry about the COPD inhaler, I've had them for years for asthma (titropium) so it does' necessarily mean you have COPD. I had the small airway disease diagnosed after a hi-res CT, but really if you're permanently on pred you should be referred to one of the regional centres for severe asthma so you can access hospital-only meds, i.e. Xolair etc. Small airways disease asthma is a variant of severe asthma and it's something that is pretty new in asthma knowledge from what I was told. Either way, I would press for a specialist to treat you.


Incruse is a drug predominantly used in COPD but it can work very well in difficult to control asthma. Try it and see how you get on with it, you may find that it helps a lot. If you are requiring regular oral steroids, have you been referred to a specialist asthma clinic at your local hospital? If so, I would suggest asking for the referral.

Unless you have a significant smoking history it is unlikely that you have suddenly developed COPD.


I actually suspect I may have ABPA as just prior to all my issues starting I cleaned a LOT of mould from one of my ceilings (using a kitchen brush and without a mask). I started with a nasal drip first then had issues in that I could not exercise due to my breathing issues. This was dismissed by doctors. I have an IgE of 527 and a condition that cannot be controlled with traditional asthma meds - only strong oral steroids work, even these wear off after a few weeks.

I feel so ill that I have just written a letter to my GP detailling what I believe it is and asking for anti fungal meds because sooner or later I know I will be admitted to hospital.

I read somewhere that too many GP's are too quick to tell people they have asthma - I think there is an element of truth in this.


If you had ABPA your total IgE would 'usually' be well into the thousands. Your GP can request a blood test that will give an indication as to whether you may have ABPA.

Ask for a referral to the local chest clinic if you are struggling as much as you say.


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