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What to do now?

Hi everyone,

I'm going to Poland for a few days in December, and I'm worried that the cold might set off another exacerbation - changes in weather seem to be a trigger for me. I was sent home from work last week, after being stubborn and refusing to admit that I was struggling with a peak flow reading at ~290 L/min (my best has been 350 L/min). I went back to the doctor on Saturday and he was looking at increasing my medication. I'm already on 2 puff twice a day of fostair (200/6), 10mg montelukast per day and ventolin when I need it. Short of giving me steroid tablets to take every day, I'm at the most he says he can do for asthma, other than starting treatment for COPD, which he is certain I haven't got.

I've been given an extra prescription of everything to take to Poland and a rescue course of prednisolone.

Everything is still tight today, and my best peak flow this morning was about 300 L/min.

I'm not really sure where I was going with this, but I suppose I'm just fed up with it all, really.

Sorry for having a moan, but if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with asthma when it's cold, I'd be grateful.



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Cold is one of the number 1 thinks that set people off. I always wrap up like a highway man. With a scarf wrapped around my nose and mouth. Its the breathing in of the cold air that's not good. Take your ventolin regularly every four hours when your out and about. Watch your peak flow this will tell you weather your ok. God bless


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