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Having a really bad weekend, I work in a secondary school and on Friday one of the kids sprayed deodorant in the corridor outside my room, resulting in me having an an asthma attack mainly coughing but it got worse as the evening progressed. I have been feeling awful all weekend. I'm on xolair injections, high dose fostair, and ventolin I also have my own nebuliser at home. Not getting any relief. Now thinking I'm going to have to start high dose steroids again which really pees me off. Just because of a thoughtless act by a probably still smelly teenager!

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  • hi I have the same problem with my son at school also secondary, its seems to be the girls that use deodorant spray, my son has told them but still they use it, they also know he's been off school for months with is asthma! Shame shoe wasn't on the other foot so they can feel what its like when you can't breath!

    I hope you feel better soon asthma can take over your life no one understands that better than another asthmatic.

    take care 😊

  • Hi, it absolutely sucks when people do that. Could you ask the head teacher if you can put up signs outside your office asking students not to spray there or something like that?

  • Yes I'm going to although they don't tend to be very perceptive to notices. But I'm printing some off in the morning and keeping my fingers crossed that they see them and take note!

  • I hope they do too :)

  • The head should have the power to ban all aerosols - make him use it! Roll-ons work and go where they are supposed to, not in everyone's lungs.

  • Aerosols are the problem, as well as the perfume. My partner uses foot spray on his smelly feet, but only when I am not around. Hope you resolve the issue. It's not right that you should end up damaging your lungs because they want to smell nice. Give them a straw to breathe through and ask them to put their finger halfway across the end, and try breathing through it. Then explain that your lungs feel like that.

  • Like you and may asthmatics I have a real problem with aerosols and perfumes and in particular nail varnish and varnish remover, not forgetting shoe polish!

  • I hate sprays especially lynx it terrifies me they ought to ban them in public areas

  • I work in a secondary school and the boys all use Linx total nightmare but I think they're learning it makes me ill because a few of the kids I work with go mad if anyone get s some out to spray

  • Tbh young kids are good like that i work with a few young kids and their very good

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