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Camera Investigation


I know this isn't asthma related but many people are unfortunate to suffer multi-problems and I wondered if anyone has 'endured' the bullet-type camera? My daughter, only in her 20's has had on-going 'tum' problems for over 3 yrs since food poisoning on a Med holiday. She's had the usual elimination meds, x-rays, MRI & CT scans, also 2 endoscopies (camera down) and 2 hospital admissions by ambulance, on morphine.....

Tomorrow she has to fast and consume 2 packs of a gel-like substance to clear the system. Mon am she goes for the camera and will wear a recording gadget for the day, then back to hand the recorder back late afternoon.

Has anyone experienced this? How was it! Will she be able to drive Mon assuming she isn't weak from hunger? (she's little over 6st and gets low blood sugar).

Btw she won't have to retrieve the camera!!!

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Is she having a Bravo procedure?

I haven't heard it called that and Googling it states it's for upper whatever...

her procedure is with a similar capsule but 'free-falling' (!) all the way through to film her entire digestive tract. Thanks for your reply.

Hi yes I had to swallow camera and wear the pack but it was worth it to get diagnoses horrible but best go for it it doesn't hurt. Worse part is the prep as usual

Lots of love it to you xx good luck xx

Thank you so much. Very reassuring and have passed your reply to my soup-drinking daughter!


Idea only FairyfeetX - Post your Daughter's gut issue story up on Thyroid UK, (on Health Unlocked) this subject is often discussed and many are helped.

Thank you but - confession time! - I couldn't find it, or rather found lots and those I tried needed registering. I can now see that you said on Health Unlocked - sorry. Think it must be stress..... will report back later. Thank you.

'Thyroid UK'

another brilliant forum community site on Health Unlocked, see above at top of page, click on 'My Communities'

I really must find my way around!

Happy to report that she coped, said the swallowing was like the accidental loss of a large boiled sweet, then a day of no food (until late afternoon - jacket potato, minus skin and no butter....). I asked why she hadn't gone to bed to try to ignore the hunger - not allowed to lie down! results are analysed on Mondays.

Not a pleasant experience for your poor Daughter FfX.

Did you find 'Thyroid UK' they are brilliant with gut issues and blood results.

No, I was too busy looking up my aches and pains! She has reached the point of not wanting any further info - exhausted with it all and, rightly, wants a Life. They are also looking at her DNA - and she's fed up with blood samples too, esp with clumsy phlebotomists. Despite all these on-going tests there are those at work who don't believe her....

Yes difficult explaining to work mates when there may not be presenting signs to prove you have an illness. I know that one :)

I have just watched/listened to a video this morning called 'Betrayal Serie's by Tom o Bryan. It is only on for a day or so. This second episode is about everything to do with Gut issues and auto immune + pre auto immune (which you might have and not know about,) gut and auto immune issues you no doubt know mostly go hand in hand.

A must for everyone to see, including Doctors who need to learn, I was not surprised to find out Doctors are not good at diagnosing or curing gut issues. I should think many now would be having these problems, also many not knowing it. The 2nd video which is 1 hour long, also show ways to make your gut issues heal, some are just simple steps.

Sorry to hear you too have aches and pains FairyfeetX

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