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Asthma night time cough - toddler

Hi all, very new on here but really needing some advice. Thank you in advance. I've been awake most of the night listening to my son who is two (26 months) who has the most dreadful night time cough. He is on blue/brown inhalers with very limited success with taking them as he just refuses. Yesterday we started the granule form of montelukast.

My question is: is there anything practical I can do to help his cough? Would love tips/advice/reassurance from other people who have or are going through this.

Thank you.

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Hi there & welcome to the forum.

I went through what you describe myself as a child round about the time the Romans went home & my own son also suffered very badly as a child, so I can empathise.

It sounds like either he might have a virus/infection maybe provoking the asthma, or that there might be a trigger in or around him a lot of the time.

Before anything else check that the 'usual suspects' have been removed if possible (pets, plants, flowers, fumes, damp, mould, smoke from any source may all affect him). Beyond that, dust mites are a major problem so have a really good think about his environment, including anywhere he spends time away from home. Most childhood asthma is atopic so there's a high chance if it's not an infection that something is triggering it.


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