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Very new to this and worried need advise on asthma and bronchitis doctors keep giving me steroids and antibiotics they clear up the cough and wheezing that keeps me awake most of the night....!! Then 2 weeks later it's back....!! I have it now and have now been given a blue and pink inhaler any other tips that I can do myself will be gratefully received thank you.....

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  • Sorry, what is Asthma ATM? Rather than the colours, please could you let us know the name? I assume the blue is ventolin, but what is the pink? Do you live in England? Is that all of your medication for your Asthma and Bronchitis?

  • Thank u for getting back to me.. ATM means at the moment... cos no one is sure if it is Asthma? Blue. Correct ventolin and pink is fostair 100/6 micro grams says on box..which I am told this is also steroids? I am in Bedfordshire...also Prednisolone 5mg 8 tablets per day for 5 days I finish this Saturday...

    I have high blood pressure and Angina I take bisoprolol 10 mg and Ramipril 5mg... hope that helps....

  • Yes Fostair is a steroid inhaler, which will help calm down any imflammation, but it may take a while to fully work. Glad to hear you are nearing the end of you oral steroid course. Keep yourself propped up on as many pillows as possible at night, to help drain away any fluids on your chest and it helps with breathing. Drink around 2 litres of water every day if you can as that will help thin any mucus and enable your chest to clear more easily. Will you be seeing the Asthma Nurse for a Spirometry Test, or is the GP referring you? How long have you had trouble with wheezing and coughing?

  • Just to let you know that the medication for Asthma and COPD are the same. There are breathing exercises on YouTube by NHS Physiotherapists which show how to do the 'Active Breathing Cycle. These breathing exercises help loosen the mucus in your airways, so you can better cough it up. Don't know if these are of interest.

  • I was referred to the nurse from my doctor for a Spirometry test.. but she said she couldn't do it cos I am too poorly at the moment... so I now have to wait till the steroids are out of my system before they can now do it...:( the cough and wheezing started approx 2 weeks ago.. but before that I had several bouts of this and all I have had is antibiotics and steroids they seem to clear it then wham 2 weeks later it comes back.....!!

  • What colour is your sputum? I am wondering if the antibiotic is actually clearing up the infection. Have you been asked to provide a sputum sample? If not, suggest it to the GP.

    Yes, there is no point doing any tests until you are more stable.You'll get there. Keep drinking plenty of water.

  • I am not on antibiotics this time.. it started of white but this morning it's both green and white sorry to be so grafic.....:(

  • Just steroids

  • Suggest a sputum sample if you don't feel any better and it continues to be green.

  • Hi, sorry to hear of your struggles.

    My best advice which is easier said than done is try not to panic because all panic does is make breathing even harder. Try and identify what triggers your asthma symptoms, such as smells, changes in temp, movement, exercise, etc.

    Have you been referred to a specialised respiratory consultant?

    It can take a little while to get asthma under control and get the right balance of meds for you, but it is possible.

  • Hiya no referrals as of yet as they are still trying to identify if it's COPD or asthma thank you for your help.....😀

  • either way a referral to a specialist would help as they can perform the necessary tests to help decipher which it is, and should be able more accurately prescribe the right medications

  • Hi dee1812.. steroids keep me awake and make me eat !!! I spread my steroids out 3 in morn and 3 at night otherwise I only sleep 4 hours. When I stop taking them I sleep loads for 4 days. I used to get an infection every 6 weeks cos doc never gave me enough antibiotic to get rid of it properly. Now I get 2weeks and it works a lot better for me. I've not taken as much steroid either. I've always had asthma and it's got much worse the last ten years and is now very brittle and I have loads of allergies. I'm 64. Make sure you drink enough and keep inhalers and spacer clean. Best wishes xx

  • Hi one simple thing people often overlook is dust mites can be a trigger for wheezing and coughing. To avoid this wash all bedding and towels in at least 60 degrees and do it frequently. Dust mites aren't killed under 60 degrees. Oh and change your pillows after 6 months or wash them too. x

  • If you have feather pillows/duvet switch to foam. The feathers may be making it worse...

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