What's your Peak Flow before and after reliever?

As part of diagnonsis, I'm keeping a peak flow diary and logging scores before and after reliever inhaler, twice a day.

I'm averaging peak flow 520 before inhaler and 620 after. I wonder what kind of difference others get? Maybe as a percentage change rather than getting hung up on the number as we're all different. So mine is around 20%.

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  • Mine is less than 400 afterwards and had been as low as 250

  • Lynn

    What I'm really intersted in is the amount of change the reliever makes, so do you have before and after numbers?

  • Not really but I've only recorded by taking pictures on my smart phone of the peak flow three times a day in June when it was bad and really hasn't greatly improved. I haven't thought to do it before and after just same time but currently every few days . I find little point at the moment as I have pneumonia and the respiratory team don't seem to take it as seriously as me and I'm a nurse myself. My GP had imo given me more tests and support . Sorry for not having the answers you need. Your peak flow sounds great.

    Good luck.

  • Wow I wish my peak flow was anywhere near that good! I don't know my before figures but with my inhalers I do an average of 350. x

  • Lucky you! My max is 350 but more like 320. At the moment and for the last month I'm at 280 when I wake up and around 300 after the 2 puffs of vento plus 2 puffs of flutiform.

  • In Switzerland they do the "reversible test" when they take your respiratory functions. So first I go in the cabin as me then I have to take 4 puffs of ventolin wait 10mn and go in the cabin again it usually improves my peak flow by 10 to 20%. 4 puffs would you believe that I thought I would be wired but no I must be used to it..still it works a little

  • My reversibility test showed a 10 percent improvement. That was about 3 years ago. I must remember to get this checked again if I can.

  • Do they give 4 ventolin puffs as well? Consultant told me not to go over 6 a day because you become tolerant..

  • Yes, if I remember right I had 4 puffs. I don't use my ventolin\salbutamol inhaler much at all, usually only when I am out. I use the DuoResp instead. I have not been told you can get used to i

    Ventolin\salbutamol, but I know it affects your heart, so I use it as little as possible. I have ventolin\salbutamol nebs as well to use when really really bad, usually used when they let me out of hospital, away from the infections.

    I once had a sudden severe Asthma Attack, when the air felt as if all the oxygen had been taken out of it, hot day, yet raining hard. I overdosed on ventolin\salbutamol and woke up in the Resuscitation room in A and E. My heart had gone into spasms. At the time they did not believe that humidity air pollution affected your breathing and laughed at me.

    To this day I don't really know what caused the attack in the first place, but I was very lucky.

  • Oh dear all that stuff is lethal, what can we do, we are in the hands of pharmaceutical companies..

  • A difference of 100 pre and post reliever is brilliant, particularly as (based on my experience) I believe your peak flow is pretty good to start off with. As you say we are all different, weight, age, height all different.

    The highest I ever got was 420 about 25 years ago. Now 180 - 220, but I have had Severe Asthma all my life.

    I am smiling for you. Keep up with the readings.

  • I had reversibility test back in 2014 which showed 6% 120ml improvement. Everything I have read says that as an asthmatic you should have an minimum of 200ml and 12-15% improvement after brochodilator. Recent reversibility showed only 4% improvement. Have had asthma for 51 years. Had years when Ventolin was brilliant at relieving wheeze and SOB but that has all changed. Hopefully this is just another bad phase, but as I get older I do think that my asthma is gradually getting worse.

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