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Hi all after yet another bad cold and now really struggling I'm back on pred, the dr has also put me on carbocistenine. He said my chest was clear although he could hear I was wheezing and could see I was having a hard time with my breathing. He said any think I had on my lung these tablets would help to bring it up.. anybody heard and used these ? Thanks in advance xx

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I was given this medication when I was admitted to hospital but they had to stop treatment because I had a severe allergic reaction to it.

I hope your new treatment plan works ok for you.


I was given this too but it gave me indigestion/heartburn so I stopped.


I was always given carbocisteine when I had a flare up, it does thin the phlegm & mucus as I was always having trouble bringing it up.

I have been on it permenently for the past 6 years without any noticeable side effects.


Seem to recal hearing that it takes quite a while to start working (weeks??) and requires a long term use commitment to assessing it's benefits.


Yes I'm prescribed them. They are classed as a mucolytic where any thick phlegm becomes more mucousy therfore easier to cough up. I don't take them every day just when my chest is bad and phlegm is thick. I asked the specialist respiratory nurse and she said some consultants believe in taking them every day and others when you have a flare up. I go with the second one. Good luck x


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