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Hello everyone,I would like to hello and share some good news

my son is 10yrs old and has been diagnosed with asthma since he was 2,about a year ago it got alot worse we was back and forth Drs,asthma nurse even hospital told he was having panic attacks,i wasn't happy with this diagnosis,so went to see a private doctor within 20minutes he was diagnosed with allergic asthma changed his medication had tests done,fingers crossed he,s a different boy thanks to a wonderful doctor and all the advice off this site we seen to be controlling his asthma.

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Congratulations. I hope things can only improve from now on.




Congratulations. I'm glad you seem to have it sorted. This forum is great isn't it?


thankyou, I really hope it stays sorted after what he,s been through,I'm glad I found this site wish I did a year ago


That's great news, congratulations long may it continue.


thankyou so much


Dear Helenlou11,

It is the same story as myself. After being sick of my doctor and the same useless 'ventolin-type' inhalers I went to a private doctor and after some 3.5 years of lots of inhalers and pills changes --plus dust-mites and pollen vaccinations-- feel a lot better. We hope that doesn't change. I am still with my treatment but it's controlled now. As a martial artist and singer I was very concerned, and I can still do the same thing. I also thank this site and all of you, people. You've got free taekwondo classes, by the way. :-)

May the light shine upon you and your son.

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thankyou,my son has been going to martial arts for about 3 months now only once a week haven't managed 3 yet,it's the only place he goes hopefully he'll stick at it

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Keep on with it! The allergist tells me it's easier to manage when it's a kid rather than an adult --he still has to grow up-- so he'll be alright. Peace and joy.


That's fantastic you just have to keep at it


thankyou,I will do everything I possibly can don't want him to be like he was b4,he was really bad 😃



Well done

The purpose of adequate media is to make sure that your son can lead a normal life and enjoy it.

If he is getting too many exacerbations then his medication would have to be changed or increased.

The asthma association have a chart which can help you to monitor

his progress and adjust meds accordingly

Buy him a mini peak flow

Cost is about 8 sterling

Let him be in charge of it

Get the reading when he is really feeling well- his baseline

Any deterioration in his daily peak flow would mean

He is not taking his meds

He is taking them but due to a virus, infection, allergy or execeberations

he peak flow is down.

You then may have to increase the meds

This plan should be agreed before hand with his doc/ nurse

If the peak flow returns to normal - great

You will have to see the doc or asthmatic nurse if it does not bounce back

after a few days on increased meds

You will soon learn to be able to control the variations and your son can live an active and normal robust life




Thank you for your reply, unfortunately my son, s asthma has become uncontrolled again he, s breathless alot has a continuous cough been on 3lots of steroids in under 3 months, alot of time off school. Has had to double symbicort through GPS, waiting for 3rd Jan to go see private consultant, keeping records of peak flow etc to show him, hopefully he will sort asthma out get it under control again.


With proper medication you will be able

to get your son’s asthma under control, allowing him to lead an active sporty life

There are many different sub sets of asthma

and your consultant should be able to identify

same by respiratory function testing and

FeNo testing and other clinical observations.

Then it’s a question of suitable meds which can be adjusted up or down depending on his condition.

Be careful he is warm and dry when outdoors


He has severe allergic asthma also allergic rhinitis he has had allergy tests, allergys to pollen, grass, tree, s, dust etc. Thank you for reply


There is a new drug available for people with severe asthma and


It is called NUCALA

It’s quite expensive and you would need your consultant to prescribe it

It consists of a monthly injection

There are other similar drugs coming to the market in 2017

Another new drug is Zolair

They have been in use for the last 3-5 years

Again , very very expensive

Look up NUCALA and Zolair

and discuss with your consultant

on the 3rd


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