Hi all hope u all doing ok , i'm still in ruh hospital in bath i'm still struggling with my breathing but doc on about sending me home tomorrow even though I have wheeze all over he said but air way good he said but i'm struggling to breath still and when I have a coughing fit I get out of breathe very easy even just walking to the loo only one bed away and I can't breath by the time I get back but he's adiment to send me home I spoke with the royal Brompton in London and there having a meeting tomorrow about a bed for me asap there not happy with me going home sorry for the rant i'm so worried about going home and not copping

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  • I would be worried aswell, hope you manage to get the help you need. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank u yea I am worried but got all my nebbs and if I get to bad il just call a ambulance x

  • Hopefully the Royal Brompton will have a bed for you as soon as possible and get you better and more comfortable. Get well soon xxx

  • Hi me to had enough now need the help now hope u ok

  • Yea hopefully there great up there they no what there doing hope u ok

  • I hope you get what you need. I hate it when they argue about you! Looks like they haven't a clue. I was in the same position as you 2 weeks ago. A trip to the toilet ends in a massive coughing fit. Typically the wheeze disappeared 30 seconds before they whipped out their stethoscope and they let me out on a reducing dose of prednisolone, less than I went in on. I am now back up to the 40mg for the 2nd time since I got let out and tonight narrowly avoided a trip to A&E. It's frustrating!

    Good luck with the Brompton. They sound the business!

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  • I hope RBH get you a bed there very quickly.

    Get well soon.

  • Hi Tracey1974

    I sorry to hear you are still struggling and not well. I hope and pray with doctors behind you, you can get a bed asap. Amen Helen

  • Get well soon!!

  • Any more news on your bed at the Brompton? Did they let you out or keep you in?

    Hope you're feeling better today!

  • Hi I got a date but not until 6th December and in for a week on iv hydrocortisone hope u doing ok

  • Better than you thanks but that's not hard! I've got an earlier appointment with my asthma consultant next Thursday so just plodding along until then. Frustrated today that I couldn't go shopping in the local shop without needing to sit down but just proves I'm not well enough for work!

  • Oh no u poor thing feel for u it's. It nice when u can't do normally activities i'm just resting at the moment everyone running around after me nurse from the surgery rung me this morninto make sure i'm ok and ringing again later to check on me I have a lovely doctors where I am look after me well hope u feeling better soon nit nice

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