Very anxious

Hi, I'm new here and whilst I don't have a 100% diagnosis of Asthma yet it really looks like it is. I have been having problems for a few weeks and visited the Dr on Monday, since then it seems to have taken over my every waking minuet. I'm so worried and scared about the whole thing.

As some of you know from an earlier post I cant take steroids so am using a non -steroid preventer and ventalin. I don't seem to be that much better but they did say it takes longer with out steroids.What am i going to do if this doesn't work ? I'm also scared what if I have a bad attack and have to go into hospital they wont have any other option but to give me steroids. What if I never get better .

I know worrying wont help and makes it worse but cant stop , Did anyone else go through this panic when they were first diagnose. Sorry to be such a wimp but I'm going mad.

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  • Try to calm down as you know panic/anxiety can make your asthma worse

    If you do have asthma it's not the end of the world and with a preventer and ventolin you are less likely to have a bad attack and the hospital have other options to steroids (nebulised ventolin being one that comes to mind)

    Even with steroids it takes time to get asthma under control... I've had two different steroid inhalers a course of steroids and am only just now starting to get things back in order (months later)

    And a Steroid preventer can take a month (plus) to work... you mentioned you only visited the doctor on Monday. .. it's not been that long give it time

    So don't panic

    Give it time to work

    Take it easy


  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I know it makes it worse to panic I'm trying breathing exercise etc and I know there are many people far worse off than me :( Don't know why its got to me Ive had illness in the past and coped and dealt with out too much problem maybe its because its hard to forget about it :)

    Thank you.


  • Asthma is hard to forget about but worrying will not do you any favours

  • i know I'm trying to focus on other things need to try harder :)

  • Dear dizzy blonde I am sure that each one of us adults with asthma has wrestled with many feeling of what!? I remember 11 years ago when I went to the drs about my symptoms I remember asking why and the doctor said it happens.

    Roll on 10 years and my mild asthma goes from mild to asthma attack and three weeks of steroids. Lots of switching around of inhalers and a flu jab.

    I found this site in the middle of it and it was a lifesaver to get my brain around things,. Call the asthma UK helpline they are excellent at helping people a kind but professional you can talk to

    I hope and pray you find peace and know that you aren't alone.

    We are all here to support you

  • Hi. Don't worry. you've gone to Docs and that was the right thing to do. accepting the diagnosis with a positive frame of mind is the next. stop scaring yourself with ifs buts and maybes. there are a huge number of us out there who continue with a normal healthy life. there are alternatives to steroids. I hate taking steroids when I get a bad flare up as they make me feel so ill . Do some research for alternatives. Take the lead on this. I find my salt pipe to be brilliant and totally natural. I'm 65 and have been an asthma sufferer for 30 years with 2 hospital stays. Stay positive but never ignore your symptoms. Take care of yourself and keep smiling all will be well. good luck 😊😊Ros

  • Hi, As others have said there are alternatives. I also cannot take preventers but manage with Ventolin (in rotacap format with a rotahaler as I am allergic to the propellant in the normal Ventolin medihaler.) and use alternative approaches when really sick such as in the following book "Asthma Relief - The Easy Vitamin Way" and also intravenous vitamin C when antibiotics aren't working. Keep looking. You'll find something which will work for you.

  • Thank you all so much its so helpful to hear . I have calmed down :) (a bit) and am researching all I can.I believe from research so far whilst not available at he moment there are great things ahead ni the research line so the future seems more positive, In the mean time I'll look into all alternatives. Thank you all again

  • I do not tjink that you are a wimp at all. YOU CANT BREATHE! I personally can not thing of anything more scary than that. I know we have all read this before and during an asthama attack ot is almost impossible but try to take as slow and as steady breaths as you can. this may not hrlp your asthama but it will help your anxiety. thete are definatly other medications than steroids. And trust me steroids are horrible so the less we take it the better. Ypur asthama has just started bothering you? I know that for me it is a priority to try and identify my triggers. If you know this you can avoid the things thst are making ypu sick. I was once allergic to a job! Ask ypurself a lot of questions: have you recently moved? it could be paint, carpet, mold, bugs. have ypu purchased new pillows or flowers, have you been sick? staryed eating new foods? Exercising? I know knowing your triggers won't fix you but it will help ypu to take better control of your life.

    Remember dealing woth any new disease is life altering. You can find good support here as we all know how it feels to have our breath taken away.

  • Thank you yes it scares , but onwards and upwards :)

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. I have had asthma since I was 12 and I still want to panic when I have a bad flare up. It is scary. Breathing is quite important after all ;-). Waiting for new preventers to kick in is the worst. My Personal trick is to get rid of as many allergens as I can. Buy breathe easy versions of anything that triggers me. You can get settings on dehumidifiers that take allergens out of the air for you, I've found that helpful before too. Then rest & relax as much as possible. I have heard the asthma UK helpline is very good if you need professional advice or just to talk.

    Good luck!

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