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Persistent bronchopneumonia

My daughter is 15 months but hasn't been officially diagnosed with asthma but does have persistent bronchopneumonia and wheeze. She has a salbutamol inhaler which does ease her symptoms but we're finding within a few days of stopping antibiotics her symptoms are worse and she's having temperatures again! This time round she became chesty and wheezy while still on antibiotics. She finished a 2 week course of them on Wednesday and has woken up with a temperature of 38.5. No one seems to be helping her and I was wondering if you guys had any advice. This has been going on since August! Thank you x

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Are you seeing a paediatrician who specialises in chest/lung problems or a specialist ? I'm very new to all this so don't know too much but I would demand they send you to someone. poor little mite doesn't deserve to be that poorly . Be a pain at the Drs make the take notice. good luck hope she's well soon x


We see a peadiatrician already for reflux and previous faltering growth but he's very reluctant to do anything, ive been ringing him every time but he never rings back. Our gp is in the same mind frame as me and that this shouldn't be going on every week and that this will eventually have an effect on her lungs. I'm going to see if they will refer to respiratory.


Yes I would its really good you have the GP on your side by the sound of it a great plus.Really push. Can't believe they don't call back maybe ask to see another one ? In my opinion its all about seeing the right person Ive been pushed from pillar at post by the medical profession once you get that one good person they are worth their weight in gold. Keep nagging , where about do you live ?


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