Fantastic support network

Hi, I know I hardly visit this site when I'm well but I wanted to thank everyone who does for being there.

It's great to have somewhere to sound off when you're awake at 3am in your hospital bed, ramped up on steroids etc, or even when you just cant stand the thought of taking more prednisolone but you know you need it!

I have also found that I can help the newbies, we all have differences in our asthma but shared experience overall which is so useful. So I promise to visit more often!

Have a great day everyone and breathe easy!

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  • I hope you have a great day.

  • I too don't visit often when well, but over these last few weeks while I've been having a hard time, the advice and kind words I've recieved have been invaluable.

    Just knowing there's someone to chat to and bounce ideas off is great when you're getting no sense out of the gp etc. Or when you need clarification that you should be battling for help and you're not being unnecessarily worried.

    Thank you all xxx

  • I agree totally and want to add my thanks to everyone. Really helpful when you're family is up to their eyeballs in your asthma and you need a place to sound off. A place where even if the questions seem small and trivia people are still willing to come forward with answers and support. Thank you everybody.

  • I agree. This was so helpful during a very frightening recent exacerbation. I have learnt a lot . Thank you all .

  • I have been on the Forum for about 7/8 years. Found out about new medications on here which has been helpful.

  • Hi,

    Wishing you all the best. I agree with you. It is so helpful to hear the experiences of everyone else.

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